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An Odor Free Metro North: A Reader’s View into the Future

Today we have a MyRye.com reader report on Metro North's new M-8 cars. Don't get too excited–there are only a couple of these new train cars floating around and it will be another full winter before we see too many more of them.

Reader Ted Carroll tell us what it is like to have an odor free commute.

By MyRye.com Reader Ted Carroll

Last Friday March 11th I arrived mid afternoon at Grand Central Terminal to catch an early ride home to Rye and discovered I was to be transported on something long rumored,  much awaited and suddenly here  – a brand new M-8 electric powered train.

Outside train photo 3 (2) 

Stepping into the doorway I got the immediate sense of spaciousness. It was brightly lit, immaculately clean (no surprise) and the whooshing of the overhead air circulator created the sounds, feel and even smell of a new commercial jetliner just delivered. The seats are high backed and there are grab rails everywhere and in the closing up and departing riders hear and see a totally new series of recorded audio and digital announcements, strobe lights and closing bells.

Seats photo 

The ride out of Manhattan was comfortable and the absence of all the traditional Metro North rattles, shakes, rolls and, of course, smells was simultaneously disconcerting and very welcome. At each station the pre-arrival announcements would play and the digital displays would spell out the city and exiting instructions. It was an almost flawless execution in railroading except for the misaligned latch that caused a toilet machinery compartment access door to swing open and closed across the center isle despite several passenger (and conductor) efforts to close it.

Rye sign photo 2 

We rolled into Rye on schedule and I de-trained the M-8 impressed and pleased to be able to retire the legend that this particular railroad “Flying Dutchman” would never arrive during my commuting lifetime. Thank you Metro North. Now let’s have a whole lot more of them!


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