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Another Metro North Hell Ride

Thanks to Rye resident John Mayo-Smith who sent us this picture with the comment: "Can't blame snow, ice and cold weather this morning. What's the excuse this time?"

Are you a Rye resident having a bad ride on Metro North? Send us a picture and a letter to the editor, and we'll run it on MyRye.com. Sorry, we cannot run scratch & sniffs…

Mayo Pic New Haven

  1. You people don’t get it . Metro North is just the tip of the spear . New York state is broke and to keep all its enormous unionized employees fully employed and cover their stratospheric pensions and benefits , money for trains , roads , bridges and all essential services is gone .

    Welcome to the new 3rd world in New York ….and get ready for even higher taxes as Cuomo eventually realizes he’s a Democrat , this in NY , and he’ll have to side with unions eventually like all in Albany do .

    Besides , think how much exercise you’ll get standing and the new friendships you will make with the folks jammed in your face !


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