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Eating Pi(e) for a Good Cause Raises $600

By MyRye.com correspondent Sarah Jautz

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On March 14, or 3.14, National Pi Day was celebrated all across the United States. Pi Day was created to educate students about the endless mathematical tern Pi (3.1415926535…etc.). In honor of Pi Day, Rye Middle School held a PiE eating contest

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Reach Out Rye, a RMS community service club, organized the event, which was held at the High School Performing Arts Center. The entrance fee was $2, but many there would have paid even more just to see both their peers and their teachers stuff their faces with pie. Ultimately, the club raised exactly $600 – another great figure on that day!

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The entire RMS faculty was offered a chance to compete ("to pie or not to pie"), but only 13 brave teachers stepped up to the plate. Students were also able to participate. Each of the eight middle school teams chose one student to represent them. It was a hotly contested race, there even had to be a tie-braker between two particularly ravenous eighth graders. In the end, Jim Palmer won it for Team R in the eighth grade, while Mr. Gouveia (seventh grade English) took the prize for the teachers. Both received a large apple pie – although that may have been the last thing they wanted…

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The money raised is going to two deserving causes. $300 was allocated to support Rye's new community service group VolunTravel. The money will be used to buy clothing and school supplies for orphans when this group of volunteers travels to Peru in April. In light of the recent tragedy in Japan, the other $300 is going to support the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

The entire event was a huge hit. Everyone loved watching the teachers with pie on their faces – even their colleagues! Who knows – this might become a new RMS tradition. Who knew Pi/Pie could make such a difference?

Sarah Jautz 2 Sarah Jautz is an eighth grader at Rye Middle School. She loves all books, writing, drama, music, and traveling.

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