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Holy Sh*t, Play With The Land—Items on the Agenda for City Council Meeting Wednesday, March 3, 2011

Heather     Pattersoncityhall

(PICTURE: Rye City Hall by local artist Heather Patterson)

The city council's agenda for its meeting on Wednesday, March 3, 2011 is out. See you at 8:00pm in the Council Room at Rye City Hall or on Cablevision Channel 75 and Verizon Channel 39. We'll also see you on the Internet (live and archive). The Council will convene at 7:00pm in Executive Session to discuss real estate matters. Office hours of the Mayor will be held at 6:30pm in the Mayor's conference room just before the council meeting.

Let's check the batting order and highlights from the 16 agenda items.

  • Open Mic. Residents may be heard who have matters to discuss that do not appear on the agenda. Always a crowd pleaser…
  • Doug's Details. Mayor’s Management Report – Legal Update
  • Holy sh*t. Public Hearing regarding the establishment of the Kirby Lane Extension Sanitary Sewer
    Special Assessment District.
  • Home rule. Consideration to set a Public Hearing to amend Local Law Chapter 53, Section 53-2,
    “Membership of Architectural Review Board”, stipulating residency requirements for
    architects serving on the Board of Architectural Review.
  • Play With the Land. Resolution on potential uses for Rye Playland to be submitted to Westchester County.
  • Healthly? Resolution to adopt the proposed changes to the City of Rye’s post 65 retiree Aetna
    health insurance program.
  • Take It Easy. Authorization for City Manager to enter into a preservation easement with the New York State Historic Preservation Office in satisfaction of a grant for the Rye Meeting House from the National Park Service..
  • FOIL'ed Again. Appeal of denial of FOIL request by Timothy Chittenden.

The next regular meeting of the City Council will be held on Wednesday, March 16, 2011.


  1. “Holly sh*t. Public Hearing regarding the establishment of the Kirby Lane Extension Sanitary Sewer Special Assessment District.”

    “The city has no reason to enforce §161 of the code. Also, the Rye City Council may look to revise the law and clarify language highlighted by the county as in health concerns”.


    And here I was just waiting for spring to reroute my home’s sanitary sewer pipe under my seawall so I could have a tidal septic pit like those cool ones on Hen Island. I could skip paying my county sewer taxes that way – right?

    I know, I’ll go and ask about this at the Rye City Building Department, the Rye City Planning Department or the Rye City Engineering Department.

    Oh dang.

    Their employees are now under a gag order filed in court – thus legally preventing them from testifying to the truth.

  2. doug, ray deserves a reasoned response. his retorts are probably wrong and his references are selective but in plain english explain your position. otherwise you’ll be getting darts thrown from the sidelines by these putzes for the rest of your term. sorry, pal

  3. I would like to answer for Mr. French?

    Just for your information my next door neighbor on Meadow Place just happens to be the nephew of the current President of the Board of Directors of Hen Island. Do you think I would risk pissing off my neighbors by having the city enforce sewage codes, even though they are polluting the waters of Milton Harbor? More importantly my neighbor’s mother also happens to be on the Board of Directors for Hen Island. What do you think is more important protecting the environment or protecting harmony on my block? I can’t go home and show my face in my neighborhood if I enforce the law. Why should I have the city write violations, just to protect some stupid kids that don’t know enough not to drink water with bird sh*t in it? What is more important, the effluence coming from the sewage pits along the shores of Hen Island or the influence and help I can afford my neighbors on Meadow Place?

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie’s ass-istant)

  4. Wow– the yelping collection of MyRye posters must be waaaay off their games. Did any of you see this?… let’s get on it, people:


    Seems pretty clear, pretty innocuous.

    Regardless, what a perfect opportunity for Mr. Amico to throw some nutty ALL CAPS rant out there (or at least call his pals at News12)…

    Or for tedc to whip up some insufferably condescending post that puts forth whatever conspiracy du jour he might come up with in order to assign blame to the Otis crew.

    And WTF where the hell is Mr. Jack-floatie-ass on this one? Hello, Mr. Environment?… saving things one harbor at a time (or whatever the slogan for his “my neighbors are all idiots and one day I will own the whole damn island” campaign used to be).

    Need you guys to take your flamethrowers off “saftey” and just start your torch jobs! Let’s go! No one knows better than you guys that this is what MyRye is really all about… don’t let us down.

    And then, once you’ve got it going… Bobby Zahm can pop in here with some very somber post that kind of agrees with you but kind of chides you at the same time. Notice how Bobby Z rolls that way?… that takes some craft.

    And then… maybe Charmy/Charlie Neary will pop in here and rough you guys up again (how’d all those “sock puppet” shots she hit you wiht taste???). And for good measure she’ll pivot her post into something less amusing regarding special needs children or whatever. Buzzkill, Charmy.

    Too bad this didn’t happen like two years ago– at which time the ex-PBA pres who supposedly fleeced his flock would also pile on (but then he’d pivot into something just beyond daffy– like his announcement that he was running for office. How’d that work out?). Oh wait… he still IS a MyRye poster. Here’s the deal: anytime you read something here that attempts to slime the city’s labor lawyer guy… it was posted by the now fugitive, ex-PBA pres. Apparently it has to do with the fact that the labor atty routinely beat the PBA atty like he stole something during the past-pres’ tenure. At least that’s what more than one RPD member has told me. But I digress.

    The whole “white rings on the beach” thing might not rate with the green van nonsense of a few years ago… but it’s great fodder for you folks. Now get to it.

    And if you dial the temperature up high enough… maybe friend-of-the-publisher Joe Sack can step in (not as a poster, but as a guest columnist) and call for order on the blog.

    And where’s Ethan’s Sports Journal?

  5. @Betty- For the record, I’m a woman, so I’m not sure what the Charlie thing is. I don’t generally use Charmy but if you want you can call me that,
    and as for the buzzkill criticism, guilty as charged.
    Special Education is a personal focus of mine, but be fair, I never stepped on my own buzz. When I was taking out the gang of four I stuck to the topic, didn’t I?
    I usually brought up special needs type topics when people used the word “Tard” – to which I object. People who are full of themselves are fair game, but I don’t think people with disabilities are.
    I feel the same about animals in case you were wondering.
    Now “Betty” why don’t you be like Teddy Roosevelt and get into the arena? You’re quite on point at times. Don’t you want credit for your pithy observations?

  6. “Charmian”– I knew you were a woman. Me too. It’s just that your name ain’t exactly in my spellcheck so I was having fun for a minute. Sorry.

    And the buzzkill bit wasn’t criticism… it was just an observation. Accurate too… see, I pay attention when you post. You can write– which is refreshing– and the brand of biting humor you use to hose down the boys is a treat.

    And I am massively, 100% with you on the people with disabilities issue. Amen. The animals thing? I guess.

    And re whether I’m interested in credit for my postings?… use full name etc.? Nope and no way.

    Now then…

    Weren’t you kind of surprised that none of the crew jumped all over the stuff on the beach news? I was only half-kidding… I’m really surprised that one of them didn’t use that as a catapult for some new (or renewed) stone-throwing.

    Maybe that’s coming…





  8. Betty — You are too cool for school, pal! Ok, I’ll roll in the mud with you — but just this one time. And don’t sell yourself short in making this a freakshow sometimes, you’ve got real skills. Finally, let me know when you’re up for a game of poker, your “tell” is worse than Tim’s. Come on, Charmian you can figure it out. Dont worry, I still think you’re a good guy. Yours truly, Sack Daddy

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