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In Rye, Working to Save Japan

Rye school parent Yuko Watanabe is mobilizing to help save Japan. In an email sent Monday evening, Watanabe is asking school, PTO officials and others to come together to help raise money for all those in Japan so devastated by the massive earthquake and tsunami.

MyRye.com hope our readers will help Watanabe and consider donating to the Red Cross.

"Date: Monday, March 14, 2011, 5:04 PM

Dear Rye City School PTO Chairpersons, Liaisons, and Friends,

As all of you are aware, there was a massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northern part of Japan last Friday that shocked the world. Thousands have lost there lives and many more are still missing.

Ones that survived are struggling due to the lack of bare essentials such as food, water and blankets. My hometown of Iwaki, Fukushima alone lost thousands of lives and 20 thousands without homes.

As a Rye School parent, I would like to ask for your cooperation in coordinating the gathering of funds to red cross disaster relief fund to aid victims of the catastrophe. I would like to hold a meeting tomorrow [Tuesday, March 15th] at 11:00 am at my house with you to discuss and coordinate ways to do this through perhaps school newsletters, websites, e-mails, etc.

Date/Time of Meeting:

March 15, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm
Place: 165 Locust Ave., Rye (white house on corner of Graham Ct and Locust Ave.)
Tel: 914-921-2210 e-mail: yukowata@aol.com

Purpose of meeting: To discuss and coordinate gathering funds for red cross disaster relief fund to victims in Japan.

Yuko Watanabe"


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