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Playland RFP Bids Due This Week

Well, we are sure to hear plenty about Playland this week, as the RFPs are due Thursday.

County pol Astorino held forth on the RFP process (hint it will be long and will take years) last week. Our own Mayor Doug French is part of a cabal that will review all RFPs in the first 90 days after receipt. The Playland cabal will present its views to Astorino for his consideration.

Here goes the rollercoaster…

  1. It figures.

    Count on the press to bring up something unpleasant – like patronage in Westchester County – just when Rob Astorino needs to be seen as a credible, impartial advocate for the citizenry on Playland.

    Now observe – someone receiving a public paycheck will soon be trotted out to claim the recommendation to retain these specific attorneys is in the best interests of justice and the public treasury at large.

    Front page of today’s Journal News –

    Law firm hired to defend Astorino draws ire

    “Some people would call it a good return. Others, simply business as usual or “pay to play.””


  2. It usually takes a scandal for universally known truths to finally be spoken publically.

    In business, if you’ve got a proprietary edge on competitors you don’t want your secrets trafficked. Most owner operators know this by being stung a time or two. Most hired managers who didn’t build the business don’t know how this works and/or sometimes don’t care about it – thus leaving the enterprise vulnerable. Today’s ongoing trial in Manhattan shines a particularly bright light here on some of the more squalid aspects of so called consultants however –

    McKinsey’s corrupted culture


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