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Ping Pong Treasure at Milton School


(PHOTO, Standing L-R: Virginia Mead, Martina Cappellano, Maddie Rafa, Paige Carlisle, Aidan Pasquale, AJ Thompson, Jimmy Cronin, Christina Marchand, Eduardo Malespin, Alex Mayo Smith, and Riku Matsubara. Kneeling is Larysa Shelton)

Milton School’s student council members and peer mediators ran a treasure hunt prior to the school fair held last month. The treasure hunt was held on the Friday prior to the fair and was a perfect fit for the event’s nautical theme, "Ahoy Milton."


(PHOTO, L to R: Kelton Schultz, Alex Kirk, Sophie Barber, John Goldszer, Caroline McCormack, Cian Galligan, Natalie Weiner, Julia Bateman, and Max Pollard)

Two separate treasure hunts took place: one in which fifth grade students assisted kindergarteners in finding hidden ping pong balls and a few specially marked hidden treasures, and another that involved fourth graders assisting first-grade children in the same activity.


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