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Rye City Council and BOE Cabal, Saturday

There is a joint meeting of the Rye City Council and the Rye City School District Board of Education this Saturday, April 9th at 9:00 AM in the Rye City Hall Council Chambers. They will be chatting about:

  1. Updates
    1. Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Initiatives
    2. Shared Roadway Initiatives
    3. Safe Routes to School Initiatives
  2. Tax Cap and Mandate Relief – a Joint Resolution
  3. City and School District – Review of fields and facilities management and scheduling
  4. Dates and Program Outline for Detective John Wood and the 5th Grade Program of Drugs and Alcohol Education
  1. Re-posting in the “right” place.

    Last year, the Sonn Drive – Osborn School intersection was a HUGE deal. The City spent $ on three actions:
    1. Narrowing Sonn Drive termination at Boston Post Road
    2. Widening the crosswalk landing at Oakland Beach/BPR
    3. Re-striping BPR to narrow it.
    All three efforts were intended to make this area safer and to encourage pedestrians to cross at the Oakland Beach light instead of at Sonn drive. Given that these changes were all discussed at the LAST joint meeting, wouldn’t it be appropriate to hear about the impact of the changes? This doesn’t seem to be on the agenda for Saturday. Clearly enough time has passed for an assessment of the impact to have been developed.


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