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Latimer: Cup of Joe Report

Latimer in Dunk tank

(PHOTO: Latimer, always willing to dive in. Shown here at an Osborn School fundraiser last October.)

New York State Assemblyman George Latimer filed the following report with MyRye.com after his Saturday "Cup of Joe" session with Rye citizens:

by New York State Assemblyman George Latimer

Coffee with Judy and George Saturday, May 21st Recap

A sunny Saturday spring morning contributed to a smaller attendance at the most recent edition of "Coffee with Judy and George" held last Saturday, May 21st at Ruby's Oyster Bar on Purchase Street, Rye.  Assemblyman George Latimer and County legislator Judy Myers hosted nearly a dozen residents, who peppered the duo with questions ranging from the State's proposed 2% property tax cap, to localized issues such as bike paths, Bee-Line bus routes, and booting cars in off-street parking lots.

The tax cap issue once again got the greatest play, with Heidi Sickles of Mamaroneck – a Rye Neck School Board Trustee – asking for an update on the bill's status. Latimer explained that the bill was headed for a late June vote, and expressed his opinion that the cap will pass. The real question is whether a mandate relief bill will accompany the cap to lessen the problems the cap may generate. Carol Shiffman of Rye shared her California experience with the tax cap on schools in that state.

Steve Cadenhead and Linda Lefkowitz, both Rye residents, batted around ideas on bike and pedestrian safety in the Forest Avenue corridor; the future of Playland, a regular Rye topic, resurfaced with the presence of Charles Dorn, a Rye resident who heads the City of Rye's Playland Advisory Committee. Nelson Sales, a regular Coffee visitor, raised the issue of booting cars based on a recent Port Chester experience; John Grosse, a Port Chester resident inquired about provisions for the STAR and enhanced STAR programs. A neighborhood maintenance of land issue was referenced by Ed and Lola Zebro of Rye, and George Ford of Rye asked for an update on a state bill regarding medical strategy for the comatose patient.  Myers tackled the County measures on Bee-Line buses and Playland while Latimer addressed the STAR and other state legislation matters.

Both legislators journeyed on to a slightly larger crowd in Mamaroneck in the afternoon – 20 people – with much of the same questions raised.


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