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Rye Dog Riley is MIA: $300 Reward UPDATED

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The Fitzpatrick family is now saying their dog Riley was tolen Monday. "Riley accidentally followed me late Monday morning during a short run, down Coolidge Ave, in Rye NY," said Jane Fitzpatrick. "Two neighbors saw Riley in the street, and wanted to help.  A third person, a young hispanic woman, in her late 20's, with straight black hair, offered to put Riley in her car, so he would not get hit by another vehicle. The neighbor suggested that the hispanic woman, driving a black, 2 door,  Chevy Cavalier with CT plates, take Riley to Clip and Cuddle in Harrison, a grooming facility, or the Community Vet Hospital, Dr. Lockart, 1500  Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck. However, neither of these facilities have seen Riley."

The Fitzpatricks are offering a $300 Reward for the safe return of Riley. Riley is 8 years old and needs medication.


Riley is missing.

Jane Fitzpatrick and her family lost their dog on Monday (May 16, 2011). Riley is a grey cockapoo. He is eight years old and was wearing a red collar.

Neighbors on Coolidge Street reported a concerned woman stopped her car and placed riley inside. The woman is described as Latin, in her 20s or 30s and driving a a Black (or Navy) two do Chevy Cavalier with Connecticut plates

Riley was not wearing any tags and has been missing for over 24 hours.

Anyone with information should call Jane Fitzpatrick at 921-2269.


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