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Rye School Budget Passes Amidst Low Voter Turnout

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Amidst low voter turnout, the Rye City School District budget vote passed today, May 17, 2011 by a 868 yes vs a 419 no vote.

Ed Fox and Karen Belanger also captured the two open board of education seats. The two ran unopposed.

The numbers:

Eligible voters in Rye: 9,380 (approximate)

Total people voting: 1,287 or 13.7% of eligible votes (your civics teacher would be ashamed!)

School budget yes: 868 or 67.4%

School budget no: 419 or 32.6%

Ed Fox: 1,023 or 79.5%

Karen Belanger: 1,077 or 83.7%

Bertrand De Frondeville and Martin Gersen each received one vote as write-in candidates (that's 0.0777% each…).

Board of ed peeps IMG_3760

  1. 13% ! Just goes to show you how little people are involved or care about money here in Rye. I voted no and thank Bob Zahm for his insight as to the problems we are up against here. When it comes to the City of Rye governments budget our Mayor and council make it seem as if the end is near but living in a wealthy community like Rye nothing could be further from the truth. Pay attention to the man behind the curtain!


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