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VOTE TODAY (Tuesday, May 17, 2011)

The Rye City School District budget vote and board of education elections will be held today, Tuesday, May 17, 2011 from 7am to 9pm. Voting will be conducted in the Rye Middle School gym. Details here.

  1. See Bob Zahm’s commentary on the “Yes” string below. I agree with most of its sentiments, arguments and conclusion – which is that this particular vote today should be a “NO” vote.

    Better answers from management on the key issues are required – not the soft soap we’re being handed currently. I’ll also repost below my previous answer to Bob on the unfunded mandate problem. Some day we’re all going to have to take on the Albany establishment. Why not start – say – today?

    Thanks Bob – that’s good to know that the board at least considered rejecting the unfunded mandate expenditures. Now it should consider moving farther and stiff them as a tangible symbol of locally based citizen revolt. You don’t get anywhere sending letters and statements to Albany – they laugh at you as they plan their next campaign luncheon with their favorite special interest groups. After what the RCSD spent in legal fees on OH, it would be looking a small amount to challenge this unfunded mandate problem. Mr. Cuomo needs tangible examples of resistance – we should help him out. Yet your point on Albany taking deductions off the top of state funding flowing to Rye is well taken. Such a dependency gives them control over our affairs – which is never a good thing. But I’m sure similar arguments were made here in Rye by local loyalists to the British Crown who also taxed Rye citizens at ever higher confiscatory rates without functional local representation. Execution Rock off New Rochelle got its name from this historical period. And I’ll bet today’s Working Families Party and their primary funding source(s) know all about this kind of local lore and have adapted their modern tactics to chain homebuyers who hope to enter and exit the Rye market with a gain on sale to a hopeless future of supporting uncontrollably rising taxes.


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