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Glowing Garbagemen: Rye’s Radioactive Rubish


(PHOTO: Curbside pickup is not available.)

Honey, can you put out the garbage, the recycling and the Uranium 235?

Does your Rye DPW garbageman have a special glow in the morning? It's not Dunkin Donuts, according to a nugget buried in the latest city council minutes.

It's radioactive waste:

"City Manager Pickup said that the City has had a recent issue with radioactive medical waste being put in the garbage. He said one of the City’s garbage trucks was impounded because of the level of radioactivity in the load. He cautioned people not to put such dangerous items in their trash and dispose of them properly."

  1. That’s bad … but there’s also the person who donated a container of BATTERY ACID (Concentrated sulfuric acid) to the Rye Presbyterian Church Thrift Shop. Now THERE’s a real sellable item.

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