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Greenhaven’s Einhorn: Meet Mr. Met

Mr met david einhorn

He lives in Greenhaven on [street name redacted]. He is a coach in Rye Little League. And he may be a new owner of the Mets by some time in June.

Hedge fund whiz David Einhorn has been negotiating with the embattled Wilpons to invest $200 million in the Mets for a one-third stake. According to reports, there is also an option to buy a controling 60% interest after three years if certain terms are met (no pun intended).

A recent NY Post story said:

"So why is Einhorn willing to put $200 million of his own money into the New York Mets, a team some weary and disappointed fans may compare to the once-mighty Lehman?

Sure, there is the promise of the best seats at Citi Field and the cachet that being "Mr. Met" will bring to Einhorn and his three children on the Rye, NY ball fields, where he manages a Little League team."



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