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No Fireworks at Playland? Westchester Pols Politicking

This is getting kind of tiresome. Westchester pols have been fighting over Playland enterance fees, with the latest a vote by the Board of Legislators to wave an enterance fee for County residents but charge outsiders.

Now Westchester County Legislator John Nonna is proposing to get rid of fireworks at Playland to cut costs:

"“Why are we spending $117,000 on fireworks,” Nonna said today. “I’d rather use that money to offset costs than for fireworks.”"

What do you think about no fireworks at Playland? That might wave a whole lot of enterance fees… Leave your comment below.


  1. I don’t believe the fireworks bring in that much more additional business to Playland to justify fireworks not once but twice per week. That is a decent amount of money and everyone is cutting back. The county would be smart to cut the fireworks

  2. The management expression “nickel rocketing” comes to mind – as in mindless micromanagement of the wrong macro problems…
    But as Rye lifer I’d suggest that the Wednesday night show be cancelled and the Saturday night show maintained.

  3. When do you folks wake up that Westchester is completely bust due to absurd worker salaries , pensions and benefits . by 2013-2014 , 100% of current county taxes will be needed just to pay workers , retirees , pensions and benefits . You are going to see things like propping up Playland vaporize as well as see user fees for various service we get today for free soar .
    Highest property taxes in the United States and Westchester County is broke . Don’t be shocked when you see your home prices take another 20% slide in next 18 months …. trust me , jig is up .
    Brain dead DNC politicians in Westchester insisting everything is great are like Pelosi and Reid insisting Social Security and Medicare are in great shape too . Pandering liars accelerating us to banckruptcy .
    Hats off to Cuomo for actually making a sincere effort to put band aids on gaping wounds but the greed and corruption of Albany won’t even allow them to agree to property caps on the highest existing taxes in the country .
    Just get my kids through school and hope i can still find a greater fool to unload my house and get out of this county / state before the wheels come off the wagon .

  4. How about drug testing for those that are on welfare. Florida did it and it makes sense. That will save money. Spano really screwed this up as well and Astorino is trying to fix it.


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