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Rye High #106 in Washington Post National Ranking


In a national ranking, The Washington Post has rated Rye High School #106 nationwide out of 1,904 schools. Rye dropped from a rating of 83 in 2010 and 58 in 2009.

In New York State, Rye ranked #11. Harrison, in the same study, ranked #4.


  1. It’s time, once again, to hear how the schools are doing based on state-wide standardized testing. Tuesday Nov 15 the BoE will discuss the results of standardized math and English testing.

    Last year the big ruckus was about declining test results attributed by some to raised standards. The real issue was the wide range of performance across Rye’s schools. Unfortunately, a good explanation for the root cause of performance differences and an action plan to improve across all schools was never assembled. Maybe this year’s report – with a new assistant superintendent for curriculum – will actually make some sense – in terms of analysis and recommendations for action based on facts.

    Agenda for the 15 Nov BoE meeting can be found at:

    Jay – how about posting the bi-weekly BoE agendas like you do the City’s? The BoE’s budget is 2-3x times as large as the City’s as is the associated tax impact.


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