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1970s Opponent of Rye-Oyster Bay Bridge is Dead


(PHOTO: Artist rendering of the proposed Rye-Oyster Bay bridge. The bridge was proposed in 1965 and defeated in 1973 in part due to the efforts of Richard Mannix. Recently a "cross island tunnel was proposed.)

Richard Mannix, a former assemblyman from the Sound Shore who battled the proposed Rye-Oyster Bay bridge in the 1970s, died last Monday.

LoHud.com carried an obituary:

"[Mannix] who as an assemblyman in the 1970s helped defeat a controversial plan to build a bridge from Rye to Long Island, died at his Larchmont home Monday. He was 82…

As a freshman lawmaker, he championed legislation to block New York City planner Robert Moses from building the Rye-Oyster Bay Bridge over Long Island Sound.

The span proposed in 1965 would have created an eight-lane approach that crossed Rye Beach and bisected Rye. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller initially supported the proposal, but Mannix, a fellow Republican, and other vocal opponents argued it would do irreparable harm to the local environment and economy.

Rockefeller gave up on the project in 1973."

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