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La Panetière, Bastille Day & Stews and Cheeses

La P - 2

If you want to party down for Bastille Day head over to La Panetière restaurant at the corner of Milton Road and Oakland Beach Avenue in Rye.

The top rated French operation got a plug from our neighbors up the New Haven line, the Daily New Canaan:

"This is the real deal in French dining. It’s an elegant, entirely Provençal experience. Voted the Best French Restaurant in Westchester in 2011, La Panetière overlooks nothing. The service, the food, and the atmosphere are all unparalleled."

La P - 1

La Panetière gives us the rundown on Bastille Day: "July 14, 1789, La Bastille, a political prison fell, symbolizing the end of monarchy, (for a while). With very scarce food, Parisians fraternized together by improvising “civic“ dinners. Tables were in all the streets where blue, white and red garlands were a must. The rich brought their roasts and expensive wines while the poor brought their stews and cheeses as the accordion sounds invited the crowd to dance. “All for today as tomorrow is unpredictable“."

Political chaos and you eat, we like it.

You can eat a special Bastille Day menu for $72 per person, $110 with wine pairing. We'll show up with the "stews and cheeses".


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