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Playland Bidder Gets Big NY Post Write-Up

Who placed this story in the New York Post?

There are 12 bidders to "re-invent Playland" but somehow Central Amusement International managed to get Rich Calder at the Post to devote a lot of ink to their effort in "Firm eyes Rye-vival":

"The Italian amusement giant tapped by Mayor Bloomberg to head plans to revive Coney Island is now eyeing a more ambitious project: taking over perennial money-loser Rye Playland.

Zamperla subsidiary Central Amusement International – which opened Coney Island’s new Luna Park and Scream Zone in the past year — is one of 12 bidders seeking to assume operations of the Westchester County-owned site. And it’s proposal – which includes $30 million on new rides and upgrades — is closest to keeping the historic amusement park as is, according to officials.

Zamperla CEO Valerio Ferrari said the company’s "unparalleled" experience and "success" developing and operating parks in Coney Island other parts of the state make it "uniquely positioned to reinvent Playland for the 21st Century."

"Our vision to ‘Keep it Playland’ will ensure this landmark remains a profitable, one-of-a-kind family amusement park for years to come, while eliminating the burden on [Westchester] taxpayers," he added…

Rye Mayor Douglas French, who sits on the committee, said Rye – like much of Westchester – is split over whether an amusement park is the best option for the land. French said he stands by a resolution the Rye Council passed in March, which includes adding Westchester Children’s Museum to the site as part of any improvements."

  1. Today one only has to gaze at the heaping dirt piles and chain link fences that were once the Playland Boardwalk Arcade & Bathhouses and then reflect on the political bickering over this season’s county resident entrance fees to perhaps think the title “county government” is now just a contradiction in terms. Who could trust them with anything?


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