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Playland Entrance Fee Whiplash: Free Again

Rye Playland is free again. For some people. After a war of hyperbole between County honcho Rob Astorino and the Westchester Board of Legislators (that's the BOL…), the board overrode Astorino and rejected – and erased – the Playland entrance fee for Westchester residents (you save $5 bucks). Non-residents still have to pony up $10 just to walk in the joint. Yes, you still have to pay for rides.

But back to the hyperbole and loaded political speak, because that is the best part:

“Westchester residents already pay property taxes that help to keep all of our parks open and beautiful—why should they have to spend more of their hard-earned dollars just to go to this park and walk around?” -  Legislator William J. Ryan

OK Bill, that's OK. But take the lead from our own Judy Myers, who played the grandma card with WCBS radio. Nice work:

"“It especially affects grandparents. They’d like to watch their grandchildren’s delight as they go on the rides and it seems a bit onerous to ask them to pay for that privilege when they’re already paying property taxes,” says county legislator Judy Myers."


  1. A friend was at Playland last night, he is a life long Rye Resident, 60 – 70 yrs old, showed his proof of residency and was handed a wrist band to walk around the park.
    He doesn’t like to put the wrist band on because he says it’s uncomfortable, so he put it in his pocket.
    He was approached by security and asked where his wrist band was. He showed them the wrist band, security asked him to put it on, he refused.
    So what does security do, they surround this harmless man with 6 security guards, attempt to strong arm him with each of the 6 taking a position,2 on each side arm locking him, the other 2 pushing the man from behind.
    They had no success, when the County Police Officers arrived they very diplomatically talked with him and then escorted him from the park.
    This man was innocently walking around the park alone, he presented no threat to anyone.
    Now I’m sure the argument can be made that he was breaking the rules and putting the band on would have been much easier than all the above.
    We can also make the argument that the security guards crossed the line here, all they had to do was call in the County Police from the get go, they had no business putting their hands on someone, especially in this manner for no reason other than refusing to display a stupid wrist band!

  2. Google,

    Uncomfortable or not or any reason a person doesn’t have it attached to the wrist does in no way give 6 SECURITY OFFICERS the right to do what they did!!!

    So, if I am in the park and choose to attach it to my shirt rather than to my wrist, 6 SECURITY OFFICERS should attack me?

    Are you condoning this action?

    What if this happened to your kid, would it also be okay then as well?

  3. Well Jimmy……I hope you don’t mind me callin’ you Jimmy….I’ve raised my kids…6 of them, to obey rules and regulations…If they choose not to, that’s their choice..All I can do is teach….Your friend, by refusing to do what is asked of him, made a choice…not dissimilar from some of those folks you see on police tv shows..ya know the ones with dashboard cameras….when a cop stops someone (and, I’ve been stopped several times) their response should be, “yes sir, no sir”, period….if there’s a disagreement; that’s what court is for….I suggested to my kids, “do what the officer says”……maybe there are other options for other folks…not me.

  4. Google,

    Yes, Jimmy is fine, god knows I have been called worse,lol!

    I too have brought my children up to obey and respect.
    I agree….we can only bring them to the water but we can’t force them to drink it!

    So, if I’m reading into your response correctly…..given the outlined circumstance, your okay with how these security officers acted?


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