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Rye Republicans Trot Out Their Candidates

Rye Republicans SK07102011-8

(PHOTO: Keith, Sack, Brett and Elias-Linero – the Rye Republican slate.)

Rye Republicans had an election kick-off event Sunday given by current Council member, Peter Jovanovich.  According to a PR release, the event was attended by "well over" 60 people.  Mayor French introduced the candidates: Laura Brett, Joe Sack and Rafael Elias-Linero — for Rye City Council; and Suzanna Keith, for Country Legislature. Keith is a current council member and the former Deputy Mayor of Rye.

Suzanna Keith, candidate for Westchester County Legislature, District 7 is running "on issues of 1) financial sustainability, 2) responsible, ethical and civil governance, 3) steadfast Sound Shore representation.  She promises to be an independent voice for the people."

Local press was not invited to the event with the obvious exception of the host's spouse, Robin Jovanovich, publisher of the Rye Record.


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