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Sarandon Filming Movie at Rye Free Reading Room

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(PHOTO: Susan Sarandon filming Robot and Frank at the Rye Free Reading Room on Saturday, July 9, 2011.)

We have had a vice president's daughter and a home town astronaut and now the Rye Free Reading Room is adding a little Hollywood bling to it roster of famous folks who have paid a visit.

Susan Sarandon and Frank A. Langella, Jr. are filming a movie at the Rye Free Reading Room this weekend. The movie, called Robot and Frank, is being filmed today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Filming began Friday.

The library is open but largely on lock-down with about 75 folks walking around with walkie talkies doing their best to keep you away. If you want to sneak in and catch a glimpse, enter via the side basement entrance near the book return and go into the children's area and then upstairs. Act like you own the place, and you'll have a minute to look around before they boot you out.

Library staff told MyRye.com the movie folks a very into "shushing" – demanding quiet from everyone. Yesterday movie execs decided the AC in the building was too loud and had it turned off. The filming is on the main floor. The entire upstairs of the library will be inaccessible until Wednesday.

Actors needed

Both SAG and non-SAG extras are being hired for filming.

The movie makers have made an unspecified donation to the Rye Free Reading Room as compensation for all the shushing going on.

What do you know about this movie production? Have you soon Hollywood glitterati around town? Leave a comment below.


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