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Harrison Wants All Dogs To Be Huskies

Harrison Dog Park

Recently dog owners in Rye have been up in arms after a temporary experiment allowing Rye dogs to go off leash at Rye Town Park was abondoned (if you need to know how dog owners feel, read 10 year old Olivia Batal's letter to Rye's Mayor).

Harrison is taking advantage of all the howling.

Opened in July 2010, the Harrison dog park is now offering a limited number of permits to Rye residents. We hear the park is empty most of the time. Harrison residents pay $20, Rye residents must pay $50 (for a year). When you go to pay for the permit, make sure you have a NY State dog license (you can get one at Rye City Hall) and proof of your dog's vacinations.

Call Harrison Town Clerk Acocella's office at 914-670-3030 for more information.


  1. Since when should dogs be allowed to run loose in a “public park”!

    A few new comers in Rye and all of a sudden our parks use are flipped like pancakes!

    You want a “designated” dog park…then put up a fence and call it a “dog park”!!!

    The park is for people not animals, it has been this way for 100 years!!!

    Dogs have no business running loose in a public park where people sun bathe, read books, picnic, play with their children, etc, etc….!!!!

    NY STATE LAW……”all domestic dogs must be licensed and leashed” – period, end of story!!!

  2. As a person that walks her very well behaved dog in the park, I am outraged that we are no longer welcome. Having a dog is just like having a baby. The people that walk their dog for excercise and companionship in the park clean up after their dogs just like they would have to change a diaper. The people that walk their dogs in the park do know not to go in the middle of a summer day. Very few people are in the park before 10 am when most dog walkers are there. The people that picnic in the park have no problem leaving their dirty wrappers, empty soda and beer cans around. So let me get this straight – dogs aren’t allowed in the park, “we” don’t want cars in the park, “we” don’t want people from the Bronx in our park. Why don’t we just shut down the park!

  3. Comparing people who picnic and leave trash and the people who walk their dogs off a leash are two different issues. I haven’t been to the park in a few weeks but up until recently you still had people walking their dogs in the middle of the afternoon off a leash. Shame on them when others are sitting in the park getting sun, reading, playing whatever have you. Dogs are an animal that as much as you train them can still snap and bite someone. Not only that, when sitting in the park reading do I want some animal running around me? NO!!! RTP is for people not dogs so if you want a dog park fight to build one somewhere else! If you have a problem with trash in the park from the non Rye residents who picnic there then write a letter to the park commission. but least its not dogs off a leash

  4. There is an interesting piece of open space between Theo Fremd Road and the train track, and Interstate 95. You can only access it by going through a pair of tunnels if you park near the Con Ed offices. It was formed, I guess, when the highway bisected the cemetery.

    Maybe this is a place for a dog run? It’s large and grassy and almost totally cut off from the rest of Rye. I think there’s something of a pond there.

    If the city of Rye is looking for an alternative to dogs in the park, maybe this would work. I can’t tell if the City owns the property, or if the cemetery still does.

  5. Honest Citizen,

    You have a habit of twisting words.
    Where did you read “you are not welcome in the park”!

    The point is, it’s not a “dog park” and never was and the law is clear….leash your animal and you may walk your dog where ever you please.

    I don’t know about you, but the dog parks I visit are all surrounded by fence!


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