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Home Weather Rye's Kirby Family in WCBS-TV Report on Hurricane Irene

Rye’s Kirby Family in WCBS-TV Report on Hurricane Irene

Kirby is a familiar name in Rye.

Kirby on irene wcbs

Tim Kirby of Orchard Lane was profiled this week in a WCBS-TV report on the mess and damage caused by Hurricane Irene to the city of Rye:

"They say home is where the heart is, and for one Westchester family, raging waters running through their home doesn’t make it any less beloved.

For three generations, the Kirby family of Rye has weathered floodwaters and they told CBS 2′s Maurice DuBois that they wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else.

Tim Kirby and his family have lived in their Orchard Street home for 60 years which has been flooded before. In fact, CBS 2 reported on the Kirbys during the flood of 2007…"


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