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Second Time in a Month, Rye City Lifts Blower Ban

Don't use leaf blowers because they spew emissions into the air–except when you actually need to use them–then it's OK.

Rye City is lifting its blower ban for the second time in the same month:

"Due to this week's storm, the City of Rye's prohibition on the use of leaf blowers is suspended until Friday 8/12/11. The storm which occurred on August 8, 2011 has been determined to be a significant storm event under Section 133-7 B of the Code of the City of Rye and, therefore, the City has lifted the ban on the use of leaf blowers in the City of Rye until Friday, August 12, 2011."

  1. Obviously this ban was never been about the health of our residents…..it was and always will be about “thumping your chest”!!!
    It was and always will be about a few friends suggesting it and the City kissing their A**!

    Like everything else around this City it is not enforced, and even when you call and make a complaint it is hardly enforced then as well!

    Abolish this stupid and ridiculous law and move on!

  2. Toast,

    I agree as most probably do, but as I have posted once before….it should APPLY to everyone!!!

    Do the Country Clubbers breathe differently than us?

    There are over 60 exempts to this law…WHY?

    If it’s bad it’s bad…..there should be no favortism!

    This law needs to be re-visited and banned to everyone or eliminated!


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