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Vegan Pilot Reviews Andy’s Pure Food on Purchase Street

You can't make this up.

Martykrutolowtwittterveganpilotmarty Roving private charter pilot Marty Krutolow travels the country, eats vegan and blogs about it. His charter work must have taken him the White Plains airport, because he made it over to Andy's Pure Food on Purchase Street and wrote a review on his blog, Marty's Flying Vegan Review:

"I had only an hour to make it from our hotel to this place in Rye, get back to the hotel and pick up the carnivore and bolt to the airport. It was a time well worth spending as although Andy's doesn't look like much, I do believe I might make it a stop anytime I travel route 95…

I was absolutely blown away by the bright color of the foods and the vast, yes vast selection. Since this was a take out venture and I didn't eat until I got into the plane there were no item by item pics but the food was fresh, amazingly varied and everything had clean flavors.  The complexity of your meal depends not on the individual dish but the combination you end up with on your plate.  The elephant beans had a fantastic tomato sauce, the chard almost like a caesar like dressing, the portobello was meaty and the onions not overpowering.  The lentil cakes shifted the "green-ness" to almost a starchy creamy cakey bite…

I don't know if it's the kind of place you would take the family out to but Andy's definitely knows how to combine healthy, raw, cooked and flavorful on a unique cafeteria style venue.  I can only hope my travels afford the opportunity to eat here again.  Good job."


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