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PHOTOS: Rye City 9-11 10th Anniversary Commemoration

[Please see the previous posts with the video of the Reading of the Names by Holly O'Neill-Melville, Mayor Doug French's remarks and today's 9-11 commemoration agenda. Also see MyRye.com's photos of the World Trade Center site during the fifth anniversary of 9-11 (click to previous stories).]

9-11 Memorial Gazebo IMG_2027

A few hundred Rye residents and many local officials attended the City of Rye 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony. The opening ceremonies were held on the grounds of the Locust Avenue Fire House followed by a procession to the 9/11 Memorial Gazebo.

Please enjoy these pictures and leave any comments or memories as a comment below.

9-11 Rye Fire House IMG_1986

9-11 Rye FD IMG_1968 

(PHOTOS, above: The Locust Avenue Fire House and members of the Rye Fire Department.)

9-11 scouts IMG_1971

9-11 Rye Troop 2 IMG_1984

(PHOTOS, above: Rye Troop 2)

9-11 Kevin Perry IMG_2013

(PHOTO, above: Bagpiper Kevin Perry)

9-11 Andrea Raynor IMG_1976

9-11 Andrea Raynor IMG_1977

(PHOTOS, above: Fire Chaplin Andrea Raynor)

9-11 Doug French IMG_1965

9-11 doug french w scouts IMG_1974

(PHOTOS, above: Rye City Mayor Doug French)

9-11 Nita Lowey IMG_1991

9-11 Nita Lowey IMG_1992

(PHOTOS, above: US Congresswoman Nita Lowey)

9-11 Suzi Oppenheimer IMG_1987

(PHOTO, above: State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer)

9-11 George Latimer IMG_2002

9-11 George Latimer IMG_1998

(PHOTO, above: State Assemblyman George Latimer.)

9-11 Kevin Plunkett IMG_2004

(PHOTO, above: Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett)

9-11 Judy Myers IMG_2007

9-11 Judy Myers IMG_2009

(PHOTOS, above: County Legislator Judy Myers)

9-11 Father Joseph Lim IMG_2025

9-11 Father Joseph Lin IMG_2031

(PHOTOS, above: Father Joseph Lim.)

9-11 Holly O'Neill-Melville IMG_2018

(PHOTO, above: Holly O'Neill-Melville with her daughter and Rye Mayor French.)

9-11 Johanna Loddo IMG_2032

(PHOTO: Johanna Loddo being introduced by Rye Mayor French.)


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