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VIDEO: Rye City: Flood Solutions $50-100 Million Bucks

At a packed Rye City Council meeting last night, residents, city staff and council members spoke at length about frustrations over flooding issues plaguing Rye. Many feel the most recent bout of flooding during Hurricane Irene in 2007 all over again.

Rye City Manager Scott Pickup said real solutions will cost real dollars – $50 – $100 million. And most folks doubt an amount like that will be dedicated any time soon.

Fox News had this to say:

"Residents of Rye, N.Y., vented their anger Wednesday evening about the flood-prone brook that runs through the city.

They were flooded out in 2007, and again this year because of Irene and Lee…

The city manager said truly solving the flooding issue would take a major water-detention project seven miles north — which would cost a lot of money, perhaps $50 million to $100 million…

The city manager, who admitted and anger and frustration himself and has worked with these flooding issues for years, said even clearing debris needs state and federal permits."

Rye Residents Vent About Brook Flooding: MyFoxNY.com


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