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In Rye, Incumbents Hold All But One Spot; Brett is the Newbie

In yesterday's Rye City Council election, the power of incumbency was proven yet again.

Joe Sack, the anchor on the Republican ticket, comfortably had sit seat in the bag early in the evening. Laura Brett also had a strong showing securing her spot as the newbie on Rye City Council.

The real race was for the third spot that had Catherine Parker – an independent on the Democratic ticket – neck and neck with Repubican challenger Rafael Elias-Linero. Often the two were just votes apart throughout the evening. In the end, with 64% of voting reported as of 7am Wednesday, it looks like Parker will take the seat with a 39 vote lead.

In the race for Westchester County Legislator, Rye resident and Republican challenger Suzanna Keith succumbed to incumbent Democrat Judy Myers in a closely watched race that was well funded by Astorino and Westchester Republicans.

The current vote count as of 7am Wednesday:

With 64% of votes (9 of 14 districts reporting) reporting in the race for Rye City Council:

Joe Sack 20% – 1,131 votes

Laura Brett 19% – 1,086 votes

Catherine Parker 17% – 931 votes

Rafael Elias Linero 16% – 892

Josh Nathan 14% – 806 votes

Paula Gamache 13% – 743 votes

With 83% votes (46 of 55 districts reporting) reporting in the race for Westchester County Legislator:

Judy Myers 54% – 4,472 votes

Suzanna Keith 46% – 3,858 votes

  1. May 2011 – “Joe [Sack] does not represent the hard work that Suzanna [Keith], Peter [Jovanovich], Richard [Filippi] and I have put forth on behalf of the city. In every significant vote and decision we have made, he has voted against or vigorously lobbied against.” http://bit.ly/vYj3Bu

    Last night the taxpayers thanked Mr. Sack for his attempts to protect them. Thus perhaps the speaker above, along with his chastened cronies, might today reflect on the following passage:

    “No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”

    Nathaniel Hawthorne


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