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IT’S A TIE: Elias-Linero & Parker – Board of Elections

Maybe it can be part time for both of them…

The Westchester Board of Elections is reporting 100% of votes are reported and there is a tie between Rye City Council Candidates Republican ticket candidate Elias-Linero and Democratic ticket candidate Catherine Parker.

Each hold 1,529 votes.

It looks like it will come down to absentee ballots and a review of the vote count.

  1. The BOE should just give it to Elias-Linero based on the fact that Ms. Parker still supports Mayor French who’s been charged with building without permits in his own home.

    Rumor has it that French,Parker, Pickup and other city officials involved in this newly discovered cover-up don’t like My Rye because it allows the public to expose factual issues that embarrass them. Maybe that explains the no response to the pre election questions from Jay Sears and the curt one word response to My Rye’s question about the election tie.

    Our recent investigation and press release has pointed out the Mr. French’s compliance shortcomings. Its findings are based on PUBLIC RECORDS and they clearly indicate that Mayor French has cheated the Rye City treasury out of thousands of dollars in required permitting fees and building fees – as well as the additional “improved property” related property taxes he would have had to pay the City of Rye over the last TWO DECADES. That’s quite simply, disgusting.

  2. Here’s where it gets interesting. Theoretically, the control of the abstentee ballots is handled by the county (it used to be controlled within the city, but White Plains took over the process a few years back). They rarely need to open them up and count them, and I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that controls over the process are spotty, at best.
    This will no longer be determined by the votes as much as by who has the better lawyers. Gore almost stole the election of 2000 with a lot of tricks and subterfuge.

  3. Most interesting is that if the now-posted results stand, Boss Jenkin’s will have lost his super majority as the Democrats look to have 10 seats and the Republicans 7. Could make for a much more productive – for the tax payer – year.

  4. @tedc — both parties are most definitely present but that is just square one. It will be done in White Plains and I am pleased to say I made the acquaintance of both Matt Thomas and Tony Piscionere across a table counting ballots in just such a circumstance. Where the talent of the lawyers comes in is this. Sandy Annabi, who ran against Jose Alvarado in 2009, had envelopes which were not even opened which bore her relatives’ names in their own hand and most certainly would’ve been votes for her. They were disallowed and both the Democratic and The Republican Chairman concurred – she was a Democrat running against the democratic machine remember. In court, where she petitioned to have those envelopes opened, her lawyer made a rookie “procedural error” and none of her witnesses were allowed to testify that they had in fact voted for her. Her lawyer was one of the top lawyers in the country but — he went to prison on an unrelated charge soon after. I guess a payoff to tank Sandy’s case was a little something to leave behind for his wife and kids. You can be cheated right in front of your face. It happens all the time. Our Board of Elections will make you feel like you’re Alice and you just fell down the rabbit hole.


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