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Letter: Voting for Judy Myers

MyRye.com readers and Franklin Avenue residents Camille F. Murphy and Joseph P. Murphy, Jr. say they are voting for Westchester Legislator Judy Myers:

Dear Fellow Voters: 

This coming Tuesday, November 8th is an important election for all of us.  Our local government and the County of Westchester are struggling with a number of critical issues.  One of the more formidable challenges is balancing the reduction of taxes and the continuation of viable services for us, our families, children, single parent families, and our elders.  Judy Myers as our elected County Legislator has been in the forefront of these struggles developing solutions that better meet our needs.  She has fought to have our County maintain services without burdening us, the taxpayers.  County Legislator , Judy Myers, has been in the vanguard of these struggles.  While Judy is working hard for us, her opponent with limited political experience is taking credit for actions that are not really truthful.  She accuses Judy of non performance of her job, and defacing Judy of her representation and commitments to all of us who reside in District 7. 

Judy Myers has chosen to target the challenges of flooding mitigation and finding alternative funding, thereby minimizing the tax burdens on us all.  As a member of the County Board of Legislators, it was Judy Myers who voted to relieve us of the tax burdens.  She voted for the mothers and children and families or the critical issue of child care.  She has matured in public service and has the competency to deal with the “tough” issues as an individual and not as a person who will be an echo for any County Executive .  Judy has shown the courage to come to solutions that mean something for people.  She sharpened her knife when it came to tax cutting; and not surprising her, vote was more realistic and crucial.  Whereas, the County Executive’s proposal for cutting taxes was higher than the proposal made by Judy Myers and her colleagues on the Board of Legislators.

Judy Myers is a woman who cares and has shown strength in presenting the facts.  She gives us the transparency we need as residents.  She does not meet behind closed doors.  Judy stands tall and shares with us the importance of the issues and what she will do for us all.

We both have lived in the district for over 47 years, where we have grown our children.  In all the time here, we have struggled to vote for the candidates who are talented and independent thinkers.  Judy is one of those free thinking, caring legislators who have followed in Assemblyman Latimer’s traditions. Judy will continue to bring to government a balance that should prevail in a democracy – the gift of combing the best ideas of both Democrats and Republicans in the struggles to improve our resources to better meet the needs of people.  She will think about what is right and correct and not discard needed services.  She will fight for us. 


Camille F. Murphy, social worker and former director, Office for Women, County of Westchester and 

Joseph P. Murphy, Jr., social worker, co-founder of the Rye Senior Advocacy Committee, member of the Board of Directors, SPRYE, and former trustee of the Rye Board of Education

  1. Joe – I couldn’t disagree more about the wisdom of voting for Judy Myers. Under her watch, our taxes have increased by 16%, our reserves declined by 19% (leading to a negative outlook), spending increased by 21% and staff increased by 57%. To any impartial observer, that is most certainly a burden that is borne by the taxpayer.
    Additionally, your claim that she “sharpened her knife” when it came to cutting taxes doesn’t really tell the full story. She raided the undesignated surplus (reserve) fund, which is intended for rainy day projects, in order to meet normal operating expenses. That is not sound financial planning.
    You claim she will fight for us, yet I was extremely disappointed when she rolled the county over when it came to Affordable Housing. We’re now at the mercy of an unelected bureaucrat in Washington, who is bragging to anyone listening that he’s going to re-shape our county by dictating to us what our zoning codes will be. Why hasn’t Judy supported Rob Astorino’s efforts to protect our rights of home rule? Can you explain to people living in flood zones why they still can’t sleep at night when the rain starts falling – exactly what has Judy done to alleviate flooding? Words don’t hold back water.
    One of the odder things I’ve seen in this campaign is Judy’s willful evasion of the repeated questions regarding her 247 votes against lower taxes, costing us almost $32 million dollars. If she’s so proud of her record, why doesn’t she defend it?
    I guess the only statement you’ve made that I do agree with is that this is an important election for all of us. We’ve all had the chance to hear the candidates, and now it’s time to hear from the voters. See you at the polls!


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