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Osborn School Lives off the Land

Osborn School is living off the land. The school just brought in its first vegetable harvest, check out this report issued today:

Osborn Harvest"During lunch/recess time today, children from each class at Osborn School harvested the radishes and mesclun from the beds – our first harvest in our new outdoor edible garden! There are six boxes of harvest – one from each grade – that the children would like to share with the school community. If you would like a sampling to take home, please stop by the table out front at morning drop off and take a bag home with you. Radishes taste great eaten raw; however, they can be added to cooked dishes or served whole. Radishes and their greens provide an excellent source of vitamin C and calcium. Mesclun, a mixture of greens, is loaded with Vitamin A and high in potassium. Together, the two make a delicious salad. 

Tomorrow at lunchtime, the children will have the opportunity to sample a salad with mesclun and radishes. Thank you to John Rubbo, Director of Food Services, Kim Potter and members of the Osborn Health & Wellness Committee for their support and for helping to put this together. Thank you to Frank, José and Rico for getting boxes for the children to put the harvest in and for moving the boxes for safekeeping till the morning. Thank you to Molly Howson and Allyson Kim for their help in organizing the distribution of the harvest.

And most of all, thank you to the children, teachers and staff at Osborn School who have worked so hard to plant the seeds and care for the plants that made this harvest possible. You did a great job.

Enjoy your harvest!
Anne Mottola, Garden Coordinator"


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