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Three Weeks Later, Parker Secures Final Rye City Council Seat

Candidate and challenger Rafael Elias-Linero acknowledged Catherine Parker as the winner of the final Rye City Council seat in a statement released Monday evening, November 28, 2011, nearly three weeks after the election that had the two in a dead heat for the final council seat.

Conclusion: your vote counts! Here is Rafael Elias-Linero's statement:

"Although the margin between us remains a slim 4 votes, in fairness to both the City of Rye and Ms. Parker, I must consider the results of the re canvass on Monday to be decisive. So I congratulate Catherine Parker on her victory and wish her success during the course of her new term on the Rye City Council.

I am deeply grateful to all of those dedicated and talented people who worked on our Best for Rye team. I want to thank all of them as well as my 2 victorious running mates, Laura Brett and Joe Sack, for their efforts. I also thank all of those who participated in this democratic process without regard to whom they may have supported. It was a true honor and privilege to have participated in this past election.

Rafael Elias-Linero"


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