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Anti-Bond Group Runs Robo Calls with Misinformation

In an email issued this morning, the Rye City School District is reporting a bond opposition group placed robo-calls (automated phone calls) to Rye City residents with misinformation about today's bond vote.

Did you receive one of these calls? Leave a comment below.

Here is the district's email:

Final Facts & Clarifications 
Vote 12/13/11 * 7 AM – 9 PM * Rye Middle School Gymnasium
Last night, a local group that has no affiliation with the District made automated phone calls to community residents. These calls presented misstated information about the bond, largely inflating costs and implying that the bond will raise taxes 25% over five years. This is untrue. The District would like to clarify that the bond represents about a 2% increase in school taxes. The District distributed a detailed Bond FAQ document yesterday further explaining the cost. All publications and materials that have been prepared about the bond are available by visiting www.ryeschools.org and clicking the Capital Project Central" link.  

Important facts about the bond: 

  • The cost of the bond is $19,996,000
  • The bond impact represents about a 2% increase for the average Rye taxpayer  
  • For the average taxpayer, the estimated financial impact for the 2012-2013 school year will be $47.17. For 2013-2014 it will be a $300 tax increase to the average tax bill and that $300 is carried forward for the term of the bond
  • Eighty-six percent of the requested bond is devoted to classrooms
  • Enrollment at the Middle School and High School has grown by 700 students since 1996 and is expected to increase by another 242 students through 2021
  • Currently, the Middle School and High School building is at 104% of its functional capacity
  • Science labs date back to the 1960's and '70's 
  • The bond includes:
  • Addition of 12 science labs, and the conversion of 7 outdated science labs to general instruction classrooms with power upgrades. The recapturing of 4 classrooms in this process will bring the total number of additional classrooms to 16
  • Renovations to 7 bathrooms and the boys' and girls' locker rooms
  • Relocation of the Middle School Nurse's Office to provide better access and use of space
  • Renovation of the Guidance Suite to provide more privacy for student and parent conferences
  • Mechanical system and plumbing upgrades
  • Building code and State Education Department requirements
  • Traffic flow/parking improvements


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