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Gift Panic? Enjoy Playland Before Grinch Arrives in 2013


Word is that Rye Playland will be open for the 2012 season while Westchester pols politic its future in 2013. So if you are a Playland junkie and are feeling gift panic as the holidays arrive, consider a 2012 Playland pass before the Playland grinch arrives in 2013.

Great savings programs are on now for a Playland 2012 Season Pass and you can buy the pass online.

Buy up to three season passes, and pay $80 each for Westchester resident pass and $95 each for a non resident pass. As a free bonus you’ll get a “bring a friend” single-day admission wristband (valued at $25/resident, $30 non-resident) for each pass.

Buy four or more season passes, and the price drops to $72 for each Westchester resident pass and $85.50 each for non-resident. Combined with the “bring a friend” single-day wristband, the total savings can be 30 percent or more, depending on quantity.

E-tickets you receive at purchase will be redeemed in person at Playland, where your recipients will go to have their photo season pass made – then they’re ready to use their pass for an entire summer of unlimited rides on Playland’s 50 great rides. Passes are valid for the 2012 season only. This offer expires after January 2, 2012.

  1. IDK how you call him the Grinch when Playland is losing money and 80% of the visitors are NOT from Westchester County. We have the highest tax rate of any county and yet our own residents don’t use the park. Good for Astorino to make a change and stop the bleeding of wasted taxpayer money into the park. change will be good and hopefully residents come back to the park and stop wasting tax dollars. had Astorino been a democrat I am sure you wouldn’t be calling him a Grinch.


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