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In Rye, No More Plastic Bags

Sara Goddard Rye Sustainability

(PHOTO: Sara Goddard and the Rye Sustainability Committee lead the plastic bag ban for Rye City. See Goddard's letter to MyRye.com on the bag ban.)

Rye City Council has banned plastic bags in the city, effective May 7, 2012. LoHud.com has the details from the council meeting where advocates from other "bag ban" cities such as Southampton and Westport turned out to express support.

Plastics News reports 33 communities in the United States have banned plastic bags.





  1. AMAZING!!!

    In just 2 “Public Hearing” sessions Rye City Council bans plastic bags!

    With complete respect to all of those that fight for their cause of interest….There is something wrong with this!!!

    Going on 6 years now & there is still no Enforcement on Hen Island, Corporation Counsel & Scott Pickup continue to disobey NYS FOIL LAWS, poor Mr. Schubert will never have his pond back, and CHILDREN are still expected to put their lives in their own hands as they try to navigate across MIDLAND AVE…


    When I respectfully suggested that the Council was doing Rye a grave disjustice having the “open mic” buried on the agenda Councilman Jovanavich responded with “the budget has to come first” and he vigorously stressed the importance of it, I do not disagree with this….so maybe someone can explain why if “THE BUDGET” is so important that the “Plastic Bag” public hearing was put before it???

    Next time Mayor French stresses how the “residents & children come first” maybe he can let us all in on his “selective choices”???

    I thought cliques were just for High Schoolers!!!

  2. I partially disagree Jimmy. I think all the stonewalled issues will be resolved. Rye simply can’t continue to operate in, as the title of a recent book says, a culture of corruption.

    These people apparently haven’t studied Rye history. Crooked lawyers go to jail here. And crooked residents, no matter what their public standing or position, ultimately pay the price for their actions.

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