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Greenwich PD Recognized for Rye Water Rescue

Greenwich PD officers were recently recognized for a dangerous water rescue just off the Rye shoreline. Rye PD Marine Officer Michael Kelly participated in the rescue:

"The Greenwich Police Department is honoring three service members as officers of the month for their heroic actions in saving a group of fishermen stranded off the coast of Rye, N.Y., in October.

Sgt. James Bonney and marine officers Josh Repik and Francesco DiPietro responded Oct. 13 to a request from the Rye Police Department, using a Greenwich police boat to assist in the rescue of two men and a woman stranded in a rising tide on a rock approximately 50 yards off shore. Despite a stiff easterly wind that caused large swells to crash over the rock, the officers were able to get all three to safety…

A Westchester County helicopter was dispatched to the scene and rescued one of the remaining fisherman after the Rye chief of police and Rye police commissioner, on shore observing the operation, determined that conditions were too dangerous to rescue the remaining fishermen by boat, police said…"


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