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History on Side of 76 Bus: Stampleman

Arthur Stampleman, an opponent of the 76 bus cuts, sent this note to remind Rye residents that history is on the side of the bus:

RyechroniclebusAttached please find a copy of page 1 of  the Feb 12, 1943 issue of the Rye Chronicle. You will see that 69 years ago there was a county effort to shorten a bus route on Milton Rd. Members of the community protested, Rye officials got involved in conferences with the bus line and it resulted in a decision to maintain service. 

Many resident have protested the 2012 suspension of bus service at the southern end of Milton Rd. Hopefully City of Rye officials will be inspired by the 1943 precedent when Rye City was only one year old, and  will work with the county for resumption of service in 2012.


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