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Rye’s Latimer Considers NYS Senate Run

The deck chairs are shifting.

In the wake of Suzi Oppenheimer's announced retirement after the 2012 legislative session and the news yesterday that former Rye Mayor Steve Otis is considering a ruhttp://www.myrye.com/my_weblog/2012/01/former-rye-mayor-otis-planning-state-office-run.htmln for George Latimer's State Assembly seat, we now know Latimer's plans.

Latimer is considering his prospects at winning Oppenheimer's seat and expects to make a decision in the next month or so. Oppenheimer ran a close race last season against Republican Bob Cohen.

"I'm doing my due diligence on the Senate race – what will it take to run the run? Can I raise the amount of money necessary to be competitive? Do I have the kind of broad-based support I would need to compete? What communities will be in the district – the redistricting process is rumored to change the district lines dramatically, and to benefit Bob Cohen and the GOP substantially," Latimer told MyRye.com in his usual plain-speak.

"I know in the world of pol-speak it all sounds like a dodge, but in the world of business, or buying a house or a car, or figuring out what college to attend, it's just a natural process to assess all the elemnts before jumping. You know I'll let you know ASAP once I've decided. I haven't been especially coy; I've said I'm certainly interested in the seat. I do think I'm looking at a month or so – which still gives us all 9 months to have a rip-roaring political season."

  1. Two years ago, I actively supported Bob Cohen because he was the best alternative to an incumbent who had way overstayed her time in office. For me, the downside was that both Bob and Suzi endorsed a useless – since passed – 2% property tax cap. George Latimer had the courage to vote “No” on the tax cap. A cap that came without the promised relief for unfunded mandates (Yoohoo, Mr. Cuomo. Where are you in fulfilling your promises?).

    In the next election cycle, if it’s a George versus Bob race, as much as I want to keep the democratic majority in the lower chamber balanced by a republican majority in the upper chamber, I’ll be voting for George. Why? A number of reasons.

    1. George has demonstrated that he listens and responds to his constituents, not the democratic machine ala Suzi.
    2. George has demonstrated that he supports and does what’s right, not what’s easiest. Both Suzi and Bob took the easy path with their support for the property tax cap.
    3. George is local. He knows Rye and the Soundshore. He’s lived here virtually forever and interacts with the community on a continuous basis.

    I’m not against Bob Cohen in the upcoming race, but I am FOR George Latimer. George, when you make up your mind, please let me know. I want to contribute to your campaign – monetarily and with my time.

  2. One more comment on this thread. We’ve received 2 anonymous robo calls slamming George for his principled stand on issues AND blaming George for Westchester’s high property taxes – interesting attempt to assign responsibility. Of course, the caller doesn’t have the courage to state a name, an organization, etc. to which credit can be given for the “message”. My concern is that the calls are being made by someone attempting to support Bob Cohen. I have my fingers crossed that Bob can put a stop to this unpricipled behavior.

  3. Anonymous attack robo-calls are counterproductive I think. They have a greater likelihood of energizing friends of a popular local figure than diminishing his or her standing. Thus maybe it’s actually The Working Families Party underwriting this thing.

    If George continues to accept their support, don’t his suffering taxpayers have wholly legitimate questions about his true alignment with them? Bob, they are filth.


  4. Ted – Don’t know enough about the working family party to throw mud their way, but the indirect, circuitous logic you use to potentially link George to them seems beyond reasonable to me. This is not a positive activity for George. And whoever is doing it is scum. Whether they be Republicans, Working Family, The Rent is to Da** High, or some other party, it’s just plain wrong.

  5. Here you go Bob, crispy fresh Working Families Party news –


    By Eric Shawn – January 17, 2012

    “Voters told Fox News they never filled out absentee ballot applications for the 2009 Working Families Party primary, and were later stunned to learn the applications were, in fact, turned in to the Board of Elections, with ballots cast in their names. Democratic candidates routinely try to secure the Working Families electoral line to obtain more votes in the general election. The party was associated with the now-defunct community group ACORN.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/17/voter-fraud-normal-political-tactic-in-upstate-ny-city/#ixzz1jrXtbGsi

  6. Please, where do you get this stuff. George is a nice guy, but has been a rubber stamp for Shelly Silver and the Democrat machine since he got there. A few of posters are against the tax cap, but a strong majority of people in Westchester strongly support the cap and Latimer betrayed them. And Robert Zahm must be a campaign worker for Latimer – certainly not an independent voice.

  7. Bobby H – take off your mask. Are you a shill for the republicans? I am not a campaign worker for George but have clearly volunteered to become such if he decides to run. That said, calling George a rubber stamp for the democratic leadership says that you’ve not looked at George’s voting record. Maybe you should before casting aspersions so freely – and without the courage of making clear who you are.


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