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Speaking French: A January Video Update

Last week, Rye Mayor Doug French issued a video update. The 12 minute video covers a litany of issues including property taxes, health care, legal services, flood mitigation, capital investment, the fire department, recreation, environmental sustainability and Rye history.

MyRye.com would like to see the Mayor and Rye TV release these and other videos with an "embed code". This would allow MyRye.com to place these videos directly on our web site for your viewing pleasure. It would be a step forward in government transparency.

  1. Didn’t know about the existence of this “update?” I didn’t. Maybe this is why –


    Turns out it’s not the ludicrous delays in getting the long promised government flood mitigation funding – it’s not the perpetual and supercilious environmental studies and reviews – it’s not decades of speeches and citizen outcry and millions of dollars in repetitive property damage. No – it’s actually our fault because now suddenly we’re cheap – and the Mayor’s imaginary friends have come to him and told him that when in power and when in a corner, simply blame the victims.

    Video at about 6:45 point – “Rye has flooded and Rye will flood again. And the answer from the federal, state and county governments is clear – that the local municipality has to be a major stakeholder in terms of its investment in flood mitigation remedies. And I think Rye is split on that issue. As I talk to other residents many people do not think that the city should invest in flood mitigation. So we’re going to put it to the people – we’re going to spend this year looking at flood remedies, starting with the Bowman Dam and expansion of the pond behind that and look at other mitigation efforts that the city will be required to do with a substantial investment and we’ll put it up for a vote and let the city and the people of Rye decide if this is where they want to spend their dollars.”

  2. Jay,
    Transparency, you are never going to see that from the French administration. Last week they didn’t tape the Firemen’s workshop meeting because French and Pickup don’t want the public to see how pi*sed the Firemen are about French and Pickup trying to take control away from the Board of Fire Wardens. You should have seen French and Parker slugging it out at the meeting. (That was a little exaggeration) but who would know that because it was not taped. Think about it. We have primarily a volunteer Fire department which in turn saves the City millions every year. They are all long time Rye residents and have been doing a great job for eternity. Think about what it will cost to replace them if we had to pay Firemen. Why would you want to pis* them off? Anyway Jay, French wants to control Rye TV that’s why he appointed himself the Rye TV liaison even though some object to it. They are not giving you control because they don’t want the public to be able to comment on the video’s which is exactly why they removed my post from the You Tube site. Take a peek @ the letter on my next post to Nicole from Rye TV. Good luck Jay but I don’t think you will see it unless French resigns which might just happen soon unless he wants to drag Rye around by the nose, just like Mayor Bradley did in White Plains. That’s when you can see that his intensions are about him and not about Rye…

  3. Dear Nicole,

    Just before the last council meeting on the Rye TV YouTube site, I viewed “Riding with George – A Day In The Life of Assemblyman George Latimer”. I found the piece interesting and flattering for Assemblyman Latimer.

    With the knowledge that Assemblyman Latimer may be involved in an upcoming political race, I wanted to comment on what a great job he has done and he continues to do for us in the Sound Shore area. I began to draft the comment and had to leave before I finished. This morning when I had a few minutes, I went back to finish my draft and post it to the City’s You Tube site. To my amazement the comments feature is now disabled unlike it was prior to the Council meeting.

    As I am sure you are aware, posting on the Rye City You Tube site and the removal of my comments from the Mayor’s update was discussed in detail at the above mentioned meeting. At one point during Mr. Fairchild’s report to the Council he reiterates a story where New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s inappropriate actions were exposed as a result of using video production in a clever way. It is apparent to me that you or someone on the City’s staff that has the You Tube passwords is attempting to restrict me from doing the same thing to Mayor French that Mr. Fairchild did to Mayor Bloomberg.

    During that same presentation to the Council Mayor French questions the City’s ability to control social media sites set up by the city. He also mentions opposition to him becoming the liaison to the Cable Commission and I could easily understand why there was opposition. It is obvious he is trying to control the City’s cable TV media input and output in an effort to avoid brining attention to his short comings and it also appears that you are helping him.

    If you view the meeting you will see Mr. Fairchild advised Councilman Sack that the Cable Commission does not have a policy in place with regard to the City’s ability to control or sensor commenting on You Tube. If that is the case why are comments being restricted and again who removed my comments from the Mayor’s Update? Why were my comments the only ones to be removed? I am sure you can see where I am going with this as it is yet another example that connects the dots and attempts to conceal previously removed comments, discussed in my last communication to you.

    Although I do realize that you maybe only trying to help and protect your
    boss(s) you should understand that if he is asking you to take inappropriate actions, his requests are unfair to ask of you and may also be illegal. If he is not requesting the same, your actions are still unethical and may violate my first amendment rights. I am hoping that a follow-up letter on this subject will not be necessary and a response to my first correspondence as well as this one will be forthcoming.

    PS: Nicole, I don’t want to give the appearance of being threatening in this e-mail or the previous one. That is not my intention. Like I said in my previous e-mail “we have always had a mutual respect for each other” and I would like that to continue. I just want you to understand what is going on, so you don’t get tangled up anymore, in the mess that the Mayor is apparently dragging many others into.

  4. Our tax dollars paid for the nonsense and wasted time on that brain surgeon who had the make believe pond in his yard and now an investigation of mayor Doug that is obviously fueled by a political axe to grind ? All while Rye floods and downtown needs a serious power washing? You just be kidding. This place costs way too much for the tax payers to tolerate this nonsense.

  5. “Make believe pond” Tom? What do you mean?

    There’s big money involved in this municipal charade and criminal activity behind it – and I can assure you that the “Forest Avenue Swamp” was very real and the stream that fed it has been found diverted subsurface right where everybody knew it would be.

    The Rye taxpayers got hosed yet again and now it’s time to “out” the cheats, their elected enablers, and get our taxpayer money back from crooked lawyers and others.

    Any questions? No one has to guess anymore – we’ve got answers under oath and the documents to back it up.All in good time…

  6. Tom,

    With complete respect….how about showing some?
    The man is dead, no need to insult him!

    Make believe pond? The way I understand it….the “pond” served a purpose….MONEY DONATED TO CHARITY!

    On the subject of “wasting time”…we couldn’t agree more…Ray, Bob Schubert,Ted, the Seniors, myself,etc. –
    we have all had “our time” wasted for the last 6 YEARS!!!


    FTR – I once again have it in B&W that The City of Rye “DOES NOT” need a “County Permit” to install a “STOP SIGN”!!!
    I have repeatedly been forced to prove so…do you not consider this “A WASTE OF TIME”???

    And BTW – No one expects you to tolerate a thing…
    your bitching at the wrong people!!!

  7. Tom Siano,

    I really have no political ax to grind other than to expose public officials that refuse to enforce the laws that are put in place to protect the people. Your buddy Doug French is the Mayor of Rye and he refused to enforce health and safety codes on Hen Island. I believe that is because he and his wife are friends and neighbors with Ed Volpe and his wife, whose parents are controlling members of Hen Island. That is where it all started.

    Now we find out French took advantage of the very people in Rye that he has sworn to protect. According to what I can see he cheated with building department permits and cheated with City taxes not only STAR taxes but also the increase in taxes he would have had to pay on the improvements he didn’t report to the building department for all those years. The way I figure it, he saved over $100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars). You make reference to what your tax dollars paid for, well here is a Rye resident and Mayor that cheated you too and he is your friend. Why do you “tolerate this nonsense”?

    If you really knew what Rye did to Schubert, I think you would have something to be really pis*ed off about. I wonder how you would feel, if they tried to send your 87 year old father for psychiatric evaluation because he was exposing the truth at city Council meetings. He never cheated you or anyone else in Rye out of taxes. He paid his fair share. He applied for every permit he ever needed. And here was a guy that went to war to protect your rights before you were even born. Our Country is what it is because of guys like him. Why would you be pis*ed at him? Unless that is, because you are a part of what I refer to as “The French Connection” gang from Meadow Place?

    I am sure you know one of the other “French Connection” members, Gary Stone who was the one that was caught red handed and photographed as he was vandalizing my vehicle. Yes, the same one that the police refused to charge. (I am guessing that was because he was the Mayor’s friend and neighbor.) And yes that is the same Gary Stone from Stone Caterers on Milton that made your wedding Cake on that happy day back on June 29, 2007. Lastly, I have to give you credit and that is for using your real name and not hiding like the rest your friends from the “French Connection” gang of Meadow Place.


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