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Superbowl, SuperFood Drive by Rye PBA and MyRye.com: Non-Perishable Food Items Collected for Carver Center Food Pantry

The Rye PBA and MyRye.com are running their first ever Superbowl, SuperFood Drive for the Carver Center food pantry in Port Chester.

Today through Sunday, February 12th, local residents can drop off specific, non-perishable unopened food items 24 hours a day in the lobby at Rye Police Department Headquarters at 21 McCullough Place in Rye.

The following food items are being requested:

Canned beans (black beans, kidney beans, etc.—not baked beans)
Spices (salt, sugar, adobo, pepper, hot sauce)
Rice (one pound bags)
Canned fruit & vegetables
Parmalat Milk
Peanut butter & jelly
Pancake Mix & Syrup

All items must be non-perishable and unopened.

Host a Superbowl, SuperFood Drive Party at Your House

Are you already planning to host friends and family to watch the Superbowl? Turn it into a Superbowl, Superfood Drive Party and ask friends to bring one of the food donations listed above. Drop the donations off at police headquarters the week after the game and The Rye PBA and MyRye.com will deliver the donations to the Carver Center Food Pantry.

About the Carver Center Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is a grocery store-style food pantry, one of only three in the town of Port Chester, and the only one that is grocery store-style. Eligible individuals and families shop once a month for 3 days’ worth of emergency and supplemental food. A walk-in refrigerator was recently installed, allowing the pantry to offer fresh produce on a daily basis. The Food Pantry is open five days a week and serves nearly 1,350 individuals a month.


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