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Tell a Friend @ the Superbowl, SuperFood Drive

Planning your Superbowl Party? Ask your friends and family to bring a food donation for the Rye PBA / MyRye.com Superbowl SuperFood drive for the Carver Center food pantry.

Over 1,350 families use the food pantry and need your help.

Read about the food drive.

Post a flyer about the food drive on a local bulletin board.

Tell your friends and bring specific, non-perishable unopened food items 24 hours a day in the lobby at Rye Police Department Headquarters at 21 McCullough Place in Rye.

The following food items are being requested:

Canned beans (black beans, kidney beans, etc.—not baked beans)
Spices (salt, sugar, adobo, pepper, hot sauce)
Rice (one pound bags)
Canned fruit & vegetables
Parmalat Milk
Peanut butter & jelly
Pancake Mix & Syrup

All items must be non-perishable and unopened.


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