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Osborn Home Artists: Rye Library Show

Osborn Artists 2

(PHOTO: Back Row: Kitty Little, Director of the Rye Free Reading Room, Joan DiPalma, Sterling Park Residents Association President, Art Instructor David Cuffari, Mr. Matthew Ruisi (artist), Janet Malang, Sterling Park Manager, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel deMenocal, Osborn Trustee Emeritus and Board of Managers member, Susan Keating Resident Services Director; Front Row: Artists Dr. Tina Strobos, Mrs. Jane Waters, Mrs. Adrienne Bonda, Mrs. Rose Nackman, and Mrs. Marion Albright.)

On February 9th the Rye Free Reading Room held a reception celebrating the opening of the second public show of Osborn residents’ artwork.

The art exhibit runs throughout the month of February and the public is invited to attend. The paintings were completed by residents taking The Osborn’s art classes.  The artists include Mrs. Marion Albright, Mrs. Adrienne Bonda, Mrs. Rose Nackman, Mr. Matthew Ruisi, Mrs. Naomi Sacks, Dr. Tina Strobos, and Mrs. Jane Waters.

The Osborn’s art program is available to all residents who love to paint or would like to learn. We currently offer classes on Tuesdays and have open studio time on Thursdays.  The program is taught by David Cuffari, who has a BA, Fine Arts from Purchase College. Her teaching approaches art from different perspectives, whether it is still life, photography or working from the Masters.


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