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Home Current Affairs Rye PD: You May Have Been Ripped Off at Citibank ATM

Rye PD: You May Have Been Ripped Off at Citibank ATM

The Rye PD issues a warning Monday that you may have been riped off if you used the Citbank ATM in town this weekend:

The City of Rye Police Department is investigating the possible use of an ATM skimming device at Citibank located at 1040 Boston Post Road during the weekend of February 4 – 5, 2012. Customers who used the ATM at Citibank's Rye Branch this weekend are advised to check their accounts and immediately report any unusual activity to their bank.

As a general precaution — despite the fact that ATM skimming devices have become more sophisticated with the passage of time, the best precaution is to cover the ATM keypad with your free hand while entering your PIN, so the numbers cannot be observed by cameras.

  1. After seeing the notice this evening, I went to Citi’s website to try to check my balance and look at recent transactions. I thought Citi had better technology than they’ve apparently deployed as looking for transactions, all I could find was stuff through last Friday. So, I will check tomorrow at the Bank. What a pain.

  2. FINALLY….A NIXEL REPORT THAT IS WORTHY!!! And the downed wires today as well. These are some of the reasons I signed onto NIXEL!
    It sure as S*** wasn’t for Weather Reports!

    Maybe we can get more on crime and less on weather, how about it Sam Champion; aka Commissioner Connors?

    On Jan.4th there was a real live home invasion by gunpoint on Midland Ave. just one mile from my home. This was never made public until 2 weeks later by way of the Rye Record Police Blotter….WHY?

    Within that 2 weeks there was an attempted burglary at my house.
    Now I am not saying that having previous knowledge of the “home invasion” would have prevented this attempt into my home but it sure as hell would have had us and our neighbors on “HIGH ALERT”!

    I’m curious as to what Commissioner Connors definition of Nixel is and in his opinion it’s purpose?

    If I want the weather reports I sure as hell don’t need NIXEL for it!


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