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Taxes & Tasers: Items on the Rye City Council Agenda for February 29, 2012

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(PICTURE: Rye City Hall by local artist Heather Patterson)

The city council's agenda for its meeting on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 is out. See you at 8:00pm in Council Chambers in City Hall.

The Council meeting will be preceded by a meeting of the Rye Town Park Commission beginning at 6:00 pm in Council Chambers. The Council will convene at 7:30 pm and it is expected they will adjourn into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters. It is anticipated that the Council will adjourn into Executive Session at the end of the meeting to discuss real estate matters.

Meetings are also aired on Cablevision Channel 75 and Verizon Channel 39. We'll also see you on the Internet (live and archive). There will be no office Hours of the Mayor this week.

Let's check the batting order and highlights from the 18 agenda items.

  • Doug's Details. Mayor’s Management Report – Request regarding the display of sculptures on Purchase Street during the Rye Arts Centers’ Figurative Sculpture exhibition; Update from the Landmarks Advisory Committee; Legal Update
  • Doctor! Presentation by the Finance Committee on Healthcare costs.
  • Re-org? Public Hearing to amend the City of Rye Charter: Article 13, for the Board of Wardens to
    report directly to the City Manager.
  • Going All Night. Public Hearing to amend local law Chapter 191, Vehicles and Traffic, of the Rye City Code, Section 47, subsection (E) to delineate the hours for “all night” parking.
  • Taxing. Consideration to set a Public Hearing to adopt a Home Rule Message to authorize the City of Rye to collect a transfer tax on the sale of real estate.
  • Open Mic. Residents may be heard who have matters to discuss that do not appear on the agenda. Always a crowd pleaser…
  • Don't Tase Me Bro. Consideration of proposed revision of the Rules and Regulations of the City of Rye Police Department: General Order# 103.10.
  • One Dude. Consideration to increase the payment amount for the sole recipient of the Police Pension Fund.
  • Patronage. Two appointments to the Conservation Commission/Advisory Council for a three-year term, by the Mayor with Council approval.

The next regular meeting of the City Council will be held on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 8:00 pm.



    What’s unknown at the moment is The Who and The When – not The What and The Why. The Why is because the house has a wholly illegal status – thus was un-financeable by mortgage issuers that new buyers would contact to likely provide the bulk of the necessary purchase consideration. The What means that the sales flyers and advertisements circulated about a year ago concerning the number of bedrooms, the extensive structural and system renovations and the whole presentation of legal fitness for sale and occupancy – were false. And in this case – really, really false.

    What must be surmised or guessed at today is how the whistle came to be loudly blown out on this charade. Was it an angry buyer, led down a garden path of assurances that all was well only to find out late in the process that all was indeed not well and then a scuffle ensued over the deposit return provoking a petulant after-call to the building department and violation?

    Or was it a more curated and managed process – with the impossibility of ever quietly transferring such a structure conceded privately and, because of the current owner’s unique status in the town, a series of planned, staged and choreographed “adjustments” were put in motion to “modify” certain of the structure’s legal particulars while simultaneously putting on the public agenda a “clarification” or “simplification” change proposal for the municipal procedures for bringing (or in this case not bringing) certain architectural and zoning issues to public board review for day-lighting and public commentary. A quietly docketed July 1st violation buried in the building department and a simultaneous movement to revise certain local Board of Architectural Review scope and procedures could have presented a singular “path” to quiet successful legalization – albeit one that would not be brought forth but for the secret needs of one man sitting in a unique position of governmental power and influence.

    Either way – or another entirely – a blowout subsequently occurred and the continuing spillage of public trust in municipal process and elected officials continues unabated despite various heroic capping measures taken by political contributors and board cronies of the disgraced. A “Kill Well” needs to be drilled into the heart of the matter – providing the public with ALL of the facts (not selections thereof mixed with continuing lies). Everyone knows that’s the only proven solution for a widespread contamination of this nature.

  2. Commrade Vladimir proud Commrade Tedc trying to make ALL private financial transactions public and property of the state. President Krushchev would be proud. Commrade Tedc want to make all private information property of state. Commrade Tedc want to make your sex life property of the state. Commrade Vladimir proud of Commrade Tedc.

  3. Anyone who’s served on multiple board of directors likely has a story akin to the one below. In the City of Rye, the lack of familiarity with proper handling of such situations by the current officials is now abundantly clear.


    “About ten years ago, I was in a Board meeting when management told the Board that they had uncovered significant accounting issues in a recently acquired company. This was a public company Board. And these accounting issues had flowed through to several quarterly financial statements that had been reported to the public. Every Board member who was also a material shareholder (me included) knew that the minute this information was disclosed, our shareholdings would plummet in value. But there was no question what we had to do. We had to hire a law firm to investigate the accounting issues. We had to immediately disclose the findings to the public. And we had to terminate all the employees who had an involvement in this matter.”

    “Things like fiduciary responsibility seem very theoretical until you find yourself in a moment like this. Then they become crystal clear. Directors often must act against their own self interests. They must do the right thing for the company, its shareholders, and its stakeholders. There is no wiggle room on this rule. For directors, it is the golden rule.”


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