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Amico’s CVS Adventures

It's hard to live in Rye and not know – or at least know of – Midland Avenue's Jim Amico. And if you are a public official or report on the daily life of Rye, you are the recipient of Amico's many email missives addressing his observations of city activities.

Many of these missives are pointed and combative. The one crossing this past Saturday was relatively tame and covered Amico opining on the the city's paper bag mandate by photographing his purchase at the local Rye CVS.

Now, for those that wonder how Amico has the energy and drive to send hundreds of such missives and attend more city council meetings than most citizens can endure, we now have evidence of an answer: Scor candy bars and Red Bull, two of his four purchases at CVS. We are still trying to figure out the crazy glue and sharpies… Anyone?

Amico CVS IMG00005-20120324-1500

From: Jimmy Amico [mailto:amico777@msn.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 3:20 PM
To: Suzanna Keith
Cc: mayor Doug French; Doug French; Peter Jovanovich; Rich Filippi; Catherine Parker; Laura Brett; Joe Sack; Robin Jovanovich; Chris Falcone; publisher@myrye
Subject: FW: IMG00005-20120324-1500.jpg


My first "Paper vs Plastic" experience in RYE:

In this picture is the 4 "SMALL" items I purchased at CVS in Rye today. This bag is the smallest they offer, so if you buy something as small as a single candy bar and ask for a bag this is the size you will receive….HARDLY SUSTAINABLE!

Are trees no longer of value in the eyes of environmentalists?

Thank you,

Jim Amico

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  1. Why would you ask for a bag for a single candy bar? You can’t control personal decisions like that. Secondly, if you RECYCLE the paper bag, the cycle the paper goes thru is infinite. Sustainable forever. The size of the bag then becomes a non issue.


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