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Mr. Floatie’s Creator Complains @ MyRye.com Commenter

It's with some irony that MyRye.com received and read the following email from Hen Island agitator and Mr. Floatie creator Ray Tartaglione. Tartaglione, a frequent commenter on MyRye.com, logged a complaint that someone else was posting in his name.

MyRye.com allows for anonymous postings. It allows for open discussion of issues. We will not permit impersonation, and when notified we will take measure to remove postings. When we went to do this in regards to Tartaglione's complaint, it seems our commenter has already change his or her profile to Hey Tartagilone (Parody). Thank you.

We will not release any IP Address or other information on commenters.

Please keep it clean, don't impersonate anyone and keep commenting.

Here is the email from Tartaglione:

From: Ray Tartaglione [mailto:ray@rjtauto.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 11:15 AM
To: jaysears@
Cc: Jordan Glass; Ray J Tartaglione
Subject: Impersonation on My Rye


Someone is posting on MYRYE.com using my name. Somehow they were able to set up a new Type Pad account using my name spelled exactly the same way. I am aware that you have no affiliation to Type Pad but at the same time I am sure you know this is impersonation, which is a crime. I am in the process of making a police report about the incident.

In the past on multiply occasions bloggers have encouraged the vandalism of my vehicles on the MyRye Site. At that time, I also filed reports with the Police Department. After speaking to my attorney, I am now in the process of commencing legal action. At a future time he will be in touch with you to obtain the IP addresses for the parties and blogs in question.

Although I know you have nothing to do with either incident, as the administrator of MYRYE and the party that has care, control and custody of the site, I formally request that you immediately remove any posts that encourage acts of violence against me, immediately remove any posts from bogglers that impersonate me and notify me of the same. I would also respectfully request you notify your readers of the seriousness of the situation in the form of a letter or article on your site. The URL for the Type Pad account in question link follows; http://profile.typepad.com/tartaglioneray  Thanks for your help and understanding with this.

America / Hen Island "Thank Mayor Doug French"

Ray Tartaglione
Heal The Harbor.com
101 Westmoreland Ave.
White Plains NY 10606
Phone 914-948-1100
Fax 914-997-2167

  1. Jay
    Thanks for understanding the sensitivity of the situation. I am sure you understand, I am in no way trying to stifle anyone’s freedom of speech. I also encourage everyone to keep commenting. I am just not willing to let someone else use my name when they do. I also believe that the impostor realized he made a grave mistake, although it was a little late.
    A river dirty! (arrivederci)


  2. To quote another commenter: “You don’t need to be sherlock holmes to type “auto body toxic” into google and quickly realize these places are hell on earth. It doesn’t take Christopher Columbus to type Mr. T’s address into google maps can see his shop is located right near a playground. Even homer simpson would realize that blowing toxic fumes through an exhaust fan into a playground for 38 years is really, really bad for children.”

  3. @Jay Sears

    “MyRye.com allows for anonymous postings. It allows for open discussion of issues.”

    Mr. Tartaglione has given away his end game many times. He has no intention of discussing issues. He attacks anyone who disagrees with him which is why the list of people he’s labeled as “dirty” stretches from Rye to the moon and back. His whole schtick is about innuendo and embarrassment. The issues don’t even cross his mind. Mr. Sears, if you resist his demand for the IP addresses you will be added to the “dirty” list.

  4. Bribery = The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties.

    Would offering a $16,000 check to a city council so they would investigate a Mayor when the council already had resolved the issue constitute bribery?

    Would offering the money be looked upon as thinking pure thoughts or would it be looked upon as “dirty” thoughts?

  5. Dirty,
    Would you be talking about this grant? Do you consider this bribery? Personally I think the City Council should do this as it is part of the job description that they agreed to when they ran for office. But the mayor has a problem taking an honest look at his activities. Filippi was the one who is not aware of his role as Councilperson. Maybe he should read the City Charter. So if he wants the City to get paid for something he should do as part of his job, what can I tell you, just another flaw in your neighbor’s administration?

    March 3, 2012

    City of Rye
    Mayor Doug French
    City Hall
    1051 Boston Post Road
    Rye, New York 10580

    Re: $16,984.19 Private Grant

    Dear Mayor French,

    At the February 8th 2012 Rye City Council Meeting, Councilman Richard P. Filippi stated that the council would support an independent, council sanctioned and locally led investigation into Mayor French’s growing multiple building and tax violations if someone would come forth and privately finance the process. I along with the help of Heal The Harbor.com and other anonymous supporters have now offered to do so.

    At the February 29th Rye City Council Meeting this week, Heal the Harbor’s attorney, Mr. Jordan Glass, presented a facsimile check in the amount of $16,984.19 to the council. This is the exact amount paid in restitution, interest and penalties by Mayor French so far in to the taxing authorities as the result of our ongoing investigation of the special benefits he secretly obtained from the city at the detriment of the taxpayers and the law.

    I made only two conditions on providing this investigation grant. They are:

    1) That retired Judge & former Rye City Mayor John Cary (who I have had no contact with in this matter) would be solely responsible for the selection of the investigative team, setting the scope of the investigation, and monitoring its operation and the issuance of its conclusions.

    2) That if any further wrong-doing of any kind is uncovered, Douglas H. French would immediately resign as Mayor of Rye and, because he publicly placed partial blame for this matter on the recently deceased Vinny Tamburro, that Mr. French would then write another personal check for $16,984.19 – this time for deposit into the account of The Vincent Tamburro Memorial Fund.

    I also sadly note that at the conclusion of Mr. Glass’s February 29th proposal presentation, Rye City Councilman Filippi mockingly insinuated that the enlarged facsimile check displayed would not be negotiable and that the actual funds would never be delivered to the city treasury. I can assure you that the funds are immediately available for deposit into an escrow account as designated by the city for release under Judge Carey’s instructions and directives under the two conditions described above.

    Please advise me as to the bank name and account number of a suitable Rye City escrow account for this undertaking and – if the Rye City Council will accept these conditions for its private grant – let the work begin.

    Very truly yours,

    Raymond J. Tartaglione

  6. @Ray Tartaglione

    I gotta remember that the next time I’m clocked doing 120 MPH in a school zone. I’ll just offer the officer a private grant and continue on my way. LOL.

    On another note, I could care less who the Mayor of Rye is. I could care less who’s on the Council or who the City Manager or who the Building Inspector or the Assessor are. Personally., I think it’s irrelevant. You’re the one making a big production of trying to make changes to all those positions. I have more faith in the laws than that. Rye has a new Building Inspector, a new Mayor, a new Rye City Council, a new City Manager, a new Westchester Board of Health Commissioner, a new County Executive and a new City Legal Council and nothing has changed since you started your debacle. You started your debacle extremely ignorant of the existing order of things and now all you have left is to destroy reputations and livelihoods. In fact , I think you have lost ground. You are now arguing for sewers over composting toilets and are ardently opposed to collecting rain water. Your ideas will never see the light of day. Hurricane Irene and Tropical storm Lee filled the streets and shores of Rye with sewage gushing from the sewer pipes and you argue that sewers are the right way to go. You should take a trip to the Bronx Zoo and see the huge composting toilet facility they have at the Bronx River entrance of the Zoo. Why didn’t they “do the right thing” and just connect to the city sewers? Do you think the wave of the future is to follow HTH or the Bronx Zoo when it comes to being environmentally responsible? I’m extremely confident you are being totally disingenuous with your campaign against everyone and anyone who stands in the way of your plans.

  7. JW,
    I am also involved in a few other businesses. If you can plug them when you get a chance it would be appreciated.

    But going back to the auto shop, now that you mention it. I can’t tell you how many new costumers we have been getting from Rye, thanks to all the publicity. Something I never expected. It’s interesting how educated and interested they are on the topic.

    RJT has been servicing Westchester County for over 30 years. We currently process over 30,000 road service requests each year, and pride ourselves as Westchester County’s largest Emergency Road Service operation.

    RJT provides mechanical, auto body repair, and maintenance for all models and makes of both foreign and domestic automobiles. All service is done at our state of the art facility located in downtown White Plains, New York.

    RJT is conveniently located near the White Plains Transportation Center. At the center, trains and buses are available to NYC and other locations. We offer our customers pick up and drop off service or use of our loaner car by appointment.


  8. @Ray Tartaglione

    I’m glad for you and your business. I HAVE seen a big increase in BMW’s with toilet bowls attached to their roofs
    driving around Rye lately. They actually look pretty good! I was wondering where they got
    the work done. Now I know. I really like the art deco style toilet bowl. As they say, nobody ever lost a dollar underestimating the taste of the American Public especially, the affluent American public. I have an idea, how about MyRye plug your business and you donate a percentage of your Rye business to the Tamburro Fund? I’m all for doing that. Councilman Platt once suggested that you devote more of your time to constructive activities rather than the destructive ones that seem to consume your time. How about giving up destructive activities for Lent? Maybe after a while of being engaged in constructive activities, you’ll apply to join the Sustainability Committee in Rye. They’re always looking for members with great, forward-looking, environmental ideas for improving Rye’s environment. How about running for Mayor after Doug French resigns? Or maybe, applying for Scott Pickup’s job after Tedc has him fired? Maybe do both jobs at the same time? The official car for the Mayor of Rye could have a toilet bowl attached to it’s roof and a few advertisments for your business on the side doors! How cool would it be being seen driving the official Mayor Mobile with toilet bowl attached to roof leading the Rye Little League parade every April?!!!
    Now, you gotta admit, that’s cool!!!!!!!

  9. @ Ray Tartaglione

    Go to this link and click on the second picture from the right.


    You see the circular ripples down by the white house between the yellow fire hydrant and the green street sign? Those ripples are caused by the sewer manhole at the intersection of Hewlitt and Milton Road. The sewage gushing from that manhole is a frequent event on Milton Road during higher than normal tides. After Hurricane Irene that manhole gushed sewage for 5 days. There was even toilet paper stuck in the manhole cover holes for evidence. The Boat Basin smelled like human defecation for 2 weeks after Irene and this is only one of the many manholes in Rye that were spewing sewage after Irene. This sewage never made it to the treatment plant and ended up on Rye’s streets and along the shores in RAW form. I couldn’t even attempt calculate the amount of raw sewage Rye has been covered in over the last century.

    My question to you Mr. HealtheHarbor is : How is this better than composting toilets? If every Rye citizen had a composting toilet in there house there would be NO RAW SEWAGE flowing down the street every time we got a storm., Tell me your solution for stopping these manhole covers from spewing raw sewage multiple times a year or is it really not about stopping the raw sewage from infecting our environment? When this high tide happened in Jan , there hadn’t been a human being on Hen Island for 3 months. Meanwhile the sewage spewing from that manhole covered Milton Point and drained directly into LI Sound. The sewage gushing from that manhole was not from Hen Island. It was Milton Point.

  10. Mr. Floatie and The Floatiemobile were in Rye to bring attention to the fact that the City was not enforcing Health and Safety codes. It has done its job better that anyone would have ever expected. We are already designing our next HEALtheHARBOR.com campaign for the Floatiemobile, should the Mayor decide not to resign. A picture of Mayor French sitting on a toilet bowl behind bars. Caption “GOT ILLEGAL STAR TAX $16,894.19! It’s not milk”


  11. @HTH

    “Mr. Floatie and The Floatiemobile were in Rye to bring attention to the fact that the City was not enforcing Health and Safety codes.”

    Ahhhhh….. Your end game is revealed. The raw sewage flowing into the LI Sound is OK because it’s part of the “Sanitary Connection System” which is part of the code. Very clever. It has nothing to do with whether the “sanitary connection system” is environmentally responsible, it has to with whether the system is CODE. In that case, HealtheHarbor doesn’t classify as an environmental group. No wonder you were using examples of Suffolk County’s mosquito spraying program a few years back! As long as the laws on the books allow it, it’s OK whether it’s environmentally safe or not. And that is the reason for you’re push for Hen Island to connect to a sanitary connection. Now I see. HTH isn’t going to rock the boat and call for composting toilets on Hen Island as long as sanitary connections are the defacto standard for dealing with human excrement. It’s especially good when running sewers to Hen Island would cost a fortune and would over flow every high tide BUT as long as sewers are part of the code, it’s OK.

    IF HTH was in Mongomery, Alabama in 1957 would they be turning in all the white people who didn’t force black people to sit in the back of the bus?

  12. @Average Citizen

    Whether you know it or not, the answer to your question is really all you need to know.

    Mr. Tartaglione CAN’T live on Hen Island. He’s not allowed to be out there from Nov 1 – April 1. Five months of the year Hen Island is CLOSED. The Boat Basin is closed during those months and Hen Island is only open when the Boat Basin is open.
    Due to that fact, the houses on Hen Island are classified as “Seasonal Residences” as proven by the tax assessors records which can be seen here.


    Since “Seasonal Residences” are not defined in the Rye building code, the Rye Building Dept and Rye Tax Assessor defer to the State Building Code for the requirements for “Seasonal Residences”. It is why Mayor French’s “October Rye City Council Updates from Mayor Douglas French” said the following :

    “Once again the Council heard complaints by a Purchase resident about conditions on Hen Island which is off the coast of Greenhaven. The Westchester County Health Department regularly tests the Long Island Sound in and around Hen Island and those tests continue to show that water quality meets the County’s health standards and there are no violations of any regulations. The County and the Courts have ruled that no action is required with respect to mosquito control. And finally, the seasonal cottages on Hen Island are not considered permanent dwellings under the New York State Building Code, and are therefore compliant with potable water requirements.”

    As you see , according to State Building Code, Hen Island is not required to have a direct source of potable water. Hen Island is treated like every other seasonal residence in NYS.

    Mr. Tartaglione started his mission without doing his homework and now is punishing everyone and anyone for his own incompetence.

  13. Just another note,

    Mr Tartaglione has repeatedly tried to pretend that Hen Island is required to conform to the “Permanent Residence” code. He has repeatedly acted disingenuously about the building classification Hen Island falls under. Most Rye citizens have no idea what regulations he’s talking about and to what building classifications they apply. His disingenuous behavior has kept the public in the dark about what the real issues are.

  14. Mister 4181775,
    You and your neighbor Doug French can put any spin you want on the Mayor’s allowing pollution and not enforcing health and safety codes. This is Rye, New York and we swim, boat, fish and live along the shores of the Sound and more specifically in Milton Harbor. We don’t live in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains and even if we did according to NYS regulations you still need potable water in every residence. Below is the 2007 Westchester County inspection and investigation report that identifies Hen Island as a polluter and identifies each and every health and safety violation.


    Here are a few photos to go along with your BS.



    If I still have your attention here is a video about where your sewage is going on Hen Island.


    “His disingenuous behavior has kept the public in the dark about what the real issues are.” REALLY???

  15. @ Ray Tartaglione

    “We don’t live in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains and even if we did according to NYS regulations you still need potable water in every residence. ”

    then you say

    ““His disingenuous behavior has kept the public in the dark about what the real issues are.” REALLY???”

    Yes, REALLY. As you JUST demonstrated. Every residence, whether seasonal or permanent, is required to have potable water but, what you don’t mention, which is EXTREMELY DISINGENUOUS, is SEASONAL residences are allowed to bring their potable water in containers to the residence. Which is why Hen Island complies with the NYS potable water requirements for seasonal residences. You DISINGENUOUSLY left that small detail out.

  16. “SEASONAL residences are allowed to bring their potable water in containers to the residence.”
    Can you show me where that might be in the code?

    “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please”.
    Mark Twain

  17. Mister,
    You sound just like your friend and Neighbor Mayor French. You or he is surly not the person I want making decisions for me. Doug French has a limited amount of supporters and it seems that you are all starting to believe your own propaganda. It is pretty obvious that the rest of the public is not that stupid. Is it your belief that “language is a tool for concealing the truth?” Watch as our great leader tries to baffle the public and then watch Sack reprimand and scold him like a little child.


  18. Environmental Hypocrite,

    “5.74 tons of volatile organic compounds are emitted each year from the average auto body shop.”

    You can also find the same “5.74 tons of organic volatile organic compounds” at City Hall sitting at the dais every 1st & last Wednesday night of every calendar Month!
    (Source: RYE RESIDENTS)

    Jim Amico said it best…”you are Guilty by Association”

  19. @Ray Tartaglione

    Why do you keep insinuating that the Mayor has anything to do with this? He is ONE vote on a Council of SEVEN and as you have been told a gazallion times, the Council is not in charge of enforcement in Rye. Why do you DISINGENUOUSLY keep blaming one person out of seven for your dissatisfaction with the classification of Hen Island?
    Can we just agree that I want WHOEVER you want for Mayor, OK? How’s that? If you want Joe Sack to be Mayor, that’s who I want to be Mayor, OK? I could care less who the Mayor is. I already told you that. Who the Mayor is, is IRRELEVANT. Got It? You may be able to fool Rye’s disinterested public but I KNOW how things work and the Mayor’s job has nothing to do with what you want.

    Secondly, as far as the potable water is concerned, why don’t you get in touch with the group below and get back to me.

    New York State Department of State
    Division of Code Enforcement and Administration
    One Commerce Plaza
    99 Washington Avenue, Suite 1160
    Albany, New York 12231-0001

    Tell them your situation on Hen Island and see what they say. Then report back to this blog.

  20. AC,
    Interesting question. I would have to say that yes, I would be on it but If I didn’t live there I wouldn’t know what was going on out there. It’s in my face because I am there. Additionally I do have a general serious concern about people that trash our world but I also understand there is a balance between man and nature.

    You have to realize that the ones that oppose me here are only worried about their pockets and couldn’t care less about protecting the waters for future generations. That is why the Sound is the way it is because past generations didn’t care. If these Hen Islanders had a pond in their back yards, would they defecate and urinate in it? I think if they had to spend money they would rather not fix the problem but your guess is as good as mine.

    We are not talking about a lot of money here, only about two hundred a month per cottage and don’t forget these are second homes for everyone out there. So what we have is, thirty four selfish people that don’t care about their neighbors or the other 15000 people in Rye and everyone else that uses the Sound. What is really outrageous is that the Mayor who is elected and sworn in to protect the health, safety and ensure law enforcement is closing his eyes because he and his wife are friends with the Volpe’s who’s family control the Board of Directors on Hen Island.

  21. @Ray
    This is not the first time you have mentioned the $200.00/figure for utilities to the island through the Greenhaven eeasement. Please show us the costs from a licensed engineer. Please provide total costs for:
    1) Hooking the south end of the island (almost 1/2 mile from easement) to the sewer main.
    2) Feasibility studies showing:
    A) Size and type of sewer main
    B) Location of said main
    C) Location of power station that would