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Rye Man Helps Sack JetBlue Pilot

Jet blue cbs

(PHOTO: Antolino of Rye on the left.)

Anthony Antolino of Rye was one of a handful of JetBlue passengers that sacked and subdued a crazed JetBlue pilot on a flight Wednesday headed to Las Vegas. Antolino, a marketing executive, was on the way to a security conference.

From Bloomberg:

"…Tony Antolino, another of the foursome who helped corral Osbon.

“He started shouting about how they got us in Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan, and that they’re going to take us down,” Antolino said. “When he started saying the Lord’s Prayer, we tackled him to the ground and restrained him.”

Until the pilot left the cockpit and spent about 15 minutes in the cabin, there were no clues for passengers that anything was amiss, said Antolino, chief marketing officer for security- system provider EyeLock Corp. in New York…

“The real hero is the co-pilot who was able to secure the plane,” Antolino said. “If he wasn’t able to do that, it would have been a tragic outcome.”"


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