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Thank NJ Gov Christie for New Rye School Super

NJ salary cap Rye Sup

Well, according to Fox News, you can thank NJ Governor Chris Christie for Rye's new Superintendent of Schools Frank Alvarez. New Jersey has imposed salary caps and Alvarez is coming over the bridge and through the tunnel for the dough:

"Some N.J. school superintendents leave for N.Y.

MYFOXNY.COM – Montclair, N.J., Superintendent of Schools Frank Alvarez is heading to Rye, N.Y., where records show in 2008 that district paid their superintendent almost $270,000.

If he'd stayed in Montclair, his salary would have been cut to $175,000 in 2 years. That's due to Governor Christie's salary cap, which was put into place last year.

Current contracts stay in place, but when they are up, superintendents can make tops in between $125,000 and $175,000, on the size of the school…."

Some N.J. school superintendents leave for N.Y.: MyFoxNY.com

  1. Oh hurray ! ….. Isn’t it wonderful news for Rye tax payers that we might be paying close to $300,000 a year for a school superintendent ? I mean gosh , we’d never get anybody at $175,000 . Anybody care to bet NJ had over 50 replacement resumes in hand by qualified folks to take this guy’s job in NJ ?

    Hey everybody that just screamed we HAD to pass the latest school bond vote or our houses would become worthless as they shunned Rye schools to go elsewhere , did ya know we need to offer 6 figures more than NJ schools to find anybody to run our schools ?

    Rye taxpayers ….. played like idiots again .


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