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Latimer Calls Out Anonymous Commenter on MyRye.com

State Assemblyman George Latimer is calling out an anonymous commenter on MyRye.com that has taken to making unsubstantiated claims and nasty references (that have now been removed).

Latimer's letter:

"An anonymous individual has taken to extreme name calling, insulting me with the most heinous references, with no apparent connection to what motivates that attack. In that person's posts, I have been called a "Nazi", identified as a person with "Hitler's mustache", and called "the most corrupt politician" in Albany.

I challenge this blogger to reveal him or herself publicly. Challenge me to an open discussion on this blog, MyRye, with the publisher asking substantive questions and each of us providing substantive answers. Failure to agree to this will prove that individual to be a coward and a fraud.

The real people who comment on this blog, whether they agree with me on something or not, Jimmy Amico, Bob Zahm, Ted Carroll, Charmian Neary, have my respect for standing behind their beliefs and statement. This anonymous blogger, who has compared me to the most evil man on the planet in the last 100 years, owes me a direct dialogue to back up their allegations.

And that person owes me a personal apology.

Every fair-minded Rye resident, Republican or Democrat, knows that such extreme rhetoric has no place in our public dialogue.

George Latimer"

  1. I find it interesting that the finger is being pointed @ Latimer instead of the Violators on Hen Island. Only Rye City officials Pickup and French could be aware of the fact that Latimer was the one who queried the DEC.

    So if they were contacted because the Drug Enforcement Agency wanted to do an investigation would they take the same road? Seems to me that French is trying to protect Hen Island and the Volpe’s, his Meadow Place neighbors once again.
    This is all par for the course with French and Pickup; instead of placing the blame and focus on the offenders they place the blame and focus on the complainant and try to protect the offenders.


  2. George – Thanks for standing up for transparency and your record.

    Jay – Thanks for making a big deal out of this post and issue. However, you could further by insisting on use of real-word names to identify posters. That would improve the value and relevance of the discussions on myRye.

    Ray – Not everything relates to your issue.

  3. @George Latimer

    I guess that person would be me. If you want an apology Mr. Latimer then I apologize for jokingly comparing you to Hitler. I think it’s pretty obvious you are not Hitler but sometimes hyperbole is an effective technique to get your point across and it looks like it got your attention. If my hyperbole offended you, I’m sorry. I find it interesting you are more interested in my identity than responding to my concerns about the trampling of Hen Island’s rights. The posters here spend all their time on innuendo, personal relationships and Page 6 BS and no time on the facts. That is why I choose to stay anonymous. I prefer to let my ideas speak for themselves without the ideas being watered down by the identity of who said them. According to Jay Sears, it’s my right to stay anonymous which is another one of my rights you seem to want to take away. You’ve spent much energy trying to figure out who I am and none explaining your decision to allow Hen Island to be inspected for at least a 16th time. You have the power to stop it, tell me you are letting it go forward? I think if you had an explanation for your decision to allow the latest Hen Island inspection to go forward, people could make up their own minds about where you fall on the political spectrum, whether your closer to Thomas Jefferson or, on the other end, closer to Hitler. Right now, I personally don’t put you very close to Thomas Jefferson. I will send you an email explaining other factors why I choose to remain anonymous. Do you have an email address I can use that can’t be FOILed?

  4. EPUTL
    “I think if you had an explanation for your decision to allow the latest Hen Island inspection to go forward”
    Maybe he viewed the below:
    Septic systems? Are you sure?
    Septic systems are you really sure that is what they are?
    Really sure?
    If we had septic systems out there we would not be dealing with this issue.

  5. What could be more cowardly (or more destructive to the public discourse) than anonymous attacks?

    This goes not only for the poster above, but for the folks attacking Latimer via anonymous robo-calls and facebook ads.

    Meg Cameron

  6. Bob I disagree about Jay’s tolerance for trolls. Outside of his correct elimination of libelous material I think trolls can add insight and thus value. And Bob, unfortunately, the Dapolite and Ethic’s Board mandate issues ARE linked – as are the ongoing questions Ray’s been a part of concerning Rye City Government integrity (3rd Grade vs. late 1990’s heat system replacement, “phone call complaint” vs. written, sequentially numbered violation, “If I got an exemption I wasn’t entitled to” vs. a pre-acknowledged STAR repayment process papered up solely for “Executive Session,” “The meeting was not recorded,” & just who lied to the national title insurance company about 13 Richard Place and why).

    And, of course, like every expanding and engulfing cover-up, there’s much much more. Ray’s environmental issue follows the pattern with all of the above and was one of the important catalysts for the governmental cleansing movement that the 2009 election swung on. Common actors and common factors link Ray’s efforts to everything that’s needed fumigation in City Hall for many years. And according to those who’ve lived here and worked in Rye politics the longest, things have never been allowed to get this bad.

    Speaking of which, at the Ethic’s Board hearing last week, the concept of public questioner disrespect for the board itself was raised – separate and distinct from this mention of the board from those who follow these things from their previous session –


    In this regard I’ve looked up some words I already knew but thought it might be helpful for those who might use these terms to deflect and obfuscate legitimate and supportive inquiry of process and outcome to hopefully reflect on their meaning and how they are justly derived.

    (not to be confused with Rye City political class member definitions for public statements or meetings.)

    FACT/ fakt/
    A thing that is indisputably the case. Information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.

    EV•I•DENCE/ evədəns/
    The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

    IN•VES•TI•GA•TION / inˌvestiˈgāSHən/
    The action of investigating something or someone; formal or systematic examination or research. A formal inquiry or systematic study.

    OATH/ ōTH/
    A solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior. A sworn declaration that one will tell the truth, especially in a court of law.

    GUILT/ gilt/
    The fact of having committed a specified or implied crime of offence.

    IN•NO•CENCE/ inəsəns/
    The state, quality, or fact of being innocent of a crime or offence. Lack of guile or corruption; purity.

    AB•SO•LU•TION/ absəˈlo͞oSHən/
    Formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment. An ecclesiastical declaration of forgiveness of sins.

    RE•SPECT/ riˈspekt/
    A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

  7. EPUTL –

    George is right to ask you to identify yourself publicly. Bob is also correct that Jay Sears could do the community of Rye a huge favor by requiring everyone to disclose their real name.
    And yes, you have the right to maintain anonymity, but that does not mean you have the right to partake in what should be a civil discussion – that is a privilege that Jay has extended to you and other faceless wimps, presumably in the hopes that more meritorious ideas would bubble forth. In fact, I believe that many who are interested in a free exchange of ideas on this site would welcome the day when cowards like yourself become anonymous and unheard.
    Lastly, if you need to rely on hyperbole to get your point across, then your argument does not appear as a cogent one.
    Do the city a favor and refrain from the hate speech, please.
    I would hope that George looks into a defamation suit. All the necessary elements are clearly present – that the defendant conveyed a defamatory message; that the material was published and conveyed to someone other than the plaintiff; that the plaintiff could be identified as the person referred to in the defamatory material; and that the plaintiff suffered some injury to his or her reputation as a result of the communication.
    The only missing component is your identity, which right now is known (or could be known) by Jay. Should George begin a lawsuit, there’s no doubt that your identity could be easily revealed during the process of discovery. I would not want to be in your yellow shoes right now.

  8. @ EPUL,

    Had the prior investigators not partaken in the corruption there would not be a need for further investigating!!!
    Put the blame where it belongs….on the Hen Island violators & the corrupted agencies responsible for the continuation!!!
    I have been out there, I am far from blind or stupid, there is violations all over that Island!

    I suppose that wall that was built is legal as well…SPARE US THE BS!
    Now please, have some respect and blog with RESPECT!

  9. EPUL,
    I run a auto body shop in White Plains. We have 8 to 10 inspections each and every year. They come from the City Building Department, one for lift inspections, one for flammable storage, one for electrical inspections and yet another set from the fire department. The County Health Department and the State DEC for air quality. We welcome them in the White Plains community. They keep our neighborhoods, residents, and first responders safe. If Hen Island were scrutinized like they should have been we would not be dealing with issues like the below;


    or the ones from the investigation that took place in 2007. Remember, from 2007 till 2009 the City of Rye’s position was that no problems existed on Hen Island even considering the prior inspections.
    The below report was kept as an open investigation so the report could not be FOILED or used in the Court case that was ongoing at the time. That was a move staged by the City of Rye so they would not have egg on their faces.


    In 2009 after they realized I was not going away, they issues issued two pages of violations for building codes. Their hopes were that I would go after the County but that theory didn’t work.


    In short inspection are a good thing if you have nothing to hide but legitimate ones are look overdue on Hen Island. Let us open our hearts and our doors to our upcoming guests as we rejoice during this holiday season. God does work in mysterious ways!

  10. @Ray Tartaglione

    “In short inspection are a good thing if you have nothing to hide but legitimate ones are look overdue on Hen Island. Let us open our hearts and our doors to our upcoming guests as we rejoice during this holiday season. God does work in mysterious ways!”


  11. I’d say the vast majority of Latimer supporters who have responded here favor unlimited inspections of your private property by the government.

    “Enough to eat
    Somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street
    Where you can speak out loud
    About your doubts and fears
    And what’s more no-one ever disappears
    You never hear their standard issue kicking in your door. ”

    – Roger Waters


  12. Why is the Hilltop Hanover Farm being praised for sustainability


    and Hen Island being inspected continuously?

    Looks like a lawsuit to me.

    “When our government, whether federal or local, picks and chooses which laws to enforce and on whom, it is violating both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution of the United States.

    The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution forbids state, county or city governments from refusing any person within their jurisdiction the equal protection of the law. When one of these governments grants a particular class of people the right to engage in an activity but denies another class of people the same right, we, the people, have little choice but to suspect that said government has violated the equal protection clause.”

  13. “”No one ever entered anyone’s house for an inspection on Hen Island. ”

    Goverment authorities have visited the PRIVATE PROPERTY known as Hen Island WITHOUT permission from Hen Island on NUMEROUS occasions. Just ask Peter Fox, the Boat Basin Manager.

  14. Kick, Of course I am not in favor of that. I guess I was looking at it fromthe point of view that if there was a violation that was visible from the street (e.g., no fire escape where there clearly should be one), and the Building Inspector rang my doorbell, I wouldn’t take offense to that. But you are correct — if they were standing in my backyard without my permission, I could see myself asking them to leave.

    Since none of this has happended to me, I am not sure how I would react.

  15. @Average Citizen

    “But you are correct — if they were standing in my backyard without my permission, I could see myself asking them to leave.”

    And if you asked them to leave, Tartaglione would claim you have something to hide even if they didn’t find anything wrong. See how it works? The people of the Sound Shore Community should be appalled at the government’s continued violation of Hen Island’s rights. Hen Island has been invaded by the gov’t when the island was deserted and Hen Island had NO IDEA the gov’t was out there until after the fact! Now, does that sound like a cover-up to protect Hen Island? Why do you think the State has announced , with GREAT FANFARE, this inspection? Because the last time the NYSDEC was out there Hen Island had no idea they were there.

  16. Here’s how I think the Hen Island inspection will play out. We know this has nothing to do with the rule of law and everything to do with politics. How do I know that? Well, by the speed at which the complaint went from Latimer’s hands to the DEC. It was like a HOT POTATO. Defending Hen Island is a liability to all politicians because of the way Tartaglione has portrayed it in all the media outlets. There is NO POLITICIAN that wants to stand up for Hen Island ,especially ones who make a living off politics. It was interesting that Latimer claimed to know nothing about the Hen Island situation but subsequently challenged a poster on MyRye to debate the “facts”. If you don’t know anything about Hen Island, you can’t debate someone on the Hen Island issue. It’s also hard to believe a politician who lives in Rye doesn’t know anything about Mr. Floatie. Anyway, it looks like Latimer decided rather than defend the rights of Hen Island and possibly take a political hit for it , he’s going to throw Hen Island under the bus. He has all the power in the world to stop this but he seems to not want to do it. Politically, I can’t blame him but it tells me much about what’s important to him. Image is EVERYTHING and the images coming off Hen Island are not something you want to stake your political career on even if you trample the Constitution in the process. The constituents always think “this will never happen to me” and think Latimer’s decision is fine. So, as we move toward the inspection, the question is will the DEC find “violations” on Hen Island that will be politically advantageous to Latimer or will the DEC find nothing, therefore, subjecting Latimer to the charges of being part of the cover-up by Tartaglione. If The DEC finds nothing, Latimer will end up on the side of the Floatie mobile along with French and the Council (not Joe Sack ) and could possibly destroy his chances to become State Senator. If the DEC finds something , Latimer cruises to a Senatorial victory. I think it’s a no brainer as to what’s going to happen.

  17. Hey “Fix Is In?” Latimer cruises to Senatorial victory?!? LOL! Mr. Cohen and those perky dark-arts mutt’s at the NYS Republican Committee are already pre-smearing him left, right and center! And wait till they open up with the real thing rather than just spring training. Mr. Latimer doesn’t need yet another battle front – he could have ducked this large & ugly environmental issue like all the local pols have done for years.

    But while you’re in the mood to FIX things, why not contemplate FIX-ing your own despoiled watery private paradise and stop wasting money?

    (Cue Music, Roll visuals from HTH Photo Gallery, Senatorial Voice-Over Begins:

    “-Comprehensive engineering and construction studies of 3 islands – $25K

    -Potable water wells drilled and lined on each of 3 islands – $30K

    -Potable water sealed well water holding tank & equipment – 3 islands – $15K

    -Sanitary sewer septic field engineering studies for 2 islands – $10K

    -Sanitary sewer holding tank engineering study of 1 island – $5K

    -Legally permitted & inspected group sanitary sewer installations – 3 islands – $75K

    -Demolition of multiple illegal non conforming sewage pits and outhouses – $10K

    -Removal of all the illegal demolished systems & materials from the islands – $10K

    -Subtotal of all of the above – $180K

    -Spent by islanders on lawyers and fees fighting to prevent the above to date – $450K+

    -A newly clean, safe and legal Hen Island environment for all Rye Residents and Visitors –


  18. @tedc

    It’s extremely disturbing that Latimer is upset about the Robo-Calls which level false accusations against him but doesn’t seem bothered to continue the false accusations leveled at Hen Island. This man’s job is to protect Hen Island’s rights and he sees no reason to do so.

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